lokkust they way it looks from here
everything is spread out
and connected to something
electronic consoles
that define the laws
that we abide by
in this misbegotten system
of electronic political propaganda
that is constantly being wired
to an amplifier
who's volume implodes
into a tonal hiss
of nothingness
i am aware of it.
marjorie system of equations.
y? x? u? me?
i thought it was mathematical.
definitely not spiritual.
punctual? no.
dear god.
it just might be...
guitar_freak Fuck the system!!
Obviously it sucks
Thyartshallshant SPIDERS
The piercing radiant moon,
The storming of poor June,
All the life running through her hair,
Approaching guiding light,
Our shallow years in fright,
Dreams are made winding through my head,
Through my head,
Before you know, Awake,
Your lives are open wide,
The V-chip gives them sight,
All the life running through her hair,
The spiders all in tune,
The evening of the moon,
Dreams are made winding through my head,
Through my head,
Before you know, Awake
Before you know I will be waiting all awake,
Dreams are made winding through her hair

-System of a Down
twiggie pretty pretty song 001225
Thyartshallshant Yes it is 001225
kox everybody is prisoner of a system. Some systems may be less hard than others but every people seeking freedom finds the limit of the system they're living in;
Your brain is a system. Try to find its frontier
User24 nothing to lose nothing to gain get on a train fuck with my brain it's looking like rain off the track and onto my back crash my system one last time lets all realise there's no rhyme.

Do you know I made that up just now. I bet you can tell. Oh well.
ditto you know something,
user what ever your name is,
your starting to bug the shit out off me,
you know why,
because you hate yourself so bloody much,
and all the people that love you hert because of it.
stop feeling sorry for yourself.
it's not worth it.
user24 ditto, I don't really feel like this, I just like making stuff up like this cus I dunno, I think some of it's half true.

I'ts not actually me that I'm talking about, just someone I could be. But am not.
dunno but you still dunno do ya,
I mean y bother being someone else,
is that because you would like to be
or because you like being screwed up?
It's real easy to sum someone up you know, you can tell when they are lieing
you can tell when they are unhappy,
even when it's just a matter of words on ascrene
lost awwwww thy you took what i was gonna write. you suck. ummmmmmmmm....

the pheonix he helped create out of control boy without a dad.
shot the gun that startled my life!!
while i drove him with a forty five.

freinds for years images in red blew of his own mother fucking head. confidence death insecurity men fall unrealized yeah men fall unrealized.

making a decision of death while everyone around you pled. you fly in peace i hope my freind a man cant avoid what he's meant to do when he's meant to do it even if he doesnt really want to.

friends for years images in red blew off his own mother fucking head. confidence death insecurity men fall unrealized

- System of a
Zola Bitter Down
Bitter depression beginning...
Bitter Lost
Bitter Lonely.
User24 hmm, so if I can only be me, whats the point of imagination? 010705
Dan Can't beat the system 020528
Athena Jordison FOREST!!!!! ( for all you people with sensible taste in music out there will know what I am talking about) 030915
nonlucid for the sake of simplicity, one could invent a system that can be fully grokked, comprehended, say a card game

or the system of the earth, which we try for ages to understand and cannot so create our own to control it, to mold it to what we wish (and ruin it in changing what we do not understand) until the system we have created becomes even more chaotic and unbalanced (for there is beauty in balanced chaos, where everything has a purpose)

and the environmentalists wish to fix it, but we cannot go back to what was before (though it would heal itself if we commited mass suicide for the good of the planet) we are merely a blip in the eyes of the rocks, here today, gone tomorrow (however it comes, we will go) and it will slowly, in good time, heal and return to something else balanced

math is a system, created and explored at the same time - wondering if it exists independently of the constraints we put on it (like base 10, that monstrous convention which few seek to break, go beyond)

perhaps it would be easier to look at it objectively if we all learned to also count in base 12 and 2 and 7
Syrope a function can't have causality
a system can

it makes sense to me somehow

don't you get what that could mean?
kid andre It always wins the fight (by knockout). 050425
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