Quintessensual Good evening.

Time to slow down, stop working, sip a glass of fine wine, pick another fresh branch of lilacs, celebrate the approaching presence of your lover, think a bit about keeping the cobwebs from turning milky later.
marjorie the luscious time when descends the early night
and a game of cat and mouse begins
with picnics by sunsets
and darting eyes in foil
that reflect tears
because evening cannot last forever
cazzi it's funny to think that it's evening here but it's still day time for most other people reading this. 001229
cazzi ok i admit it, that was a really random comment. but it just seems really strange when you're talking to loads of friends on the other side of the world for whom it is about 8 hours earlier than it is for you, so they're just having lunch when you're having supper.there you go...a random addition to a random comment, the only thing i'm good at!! 010101
Ajuna To return home to a loved one, who waits around the cosy fire waiting for your arrival with hot food and open arms.
What about I?
What do i go home to??
Who greets me??


I look in to the void thats my room, empty and cold,
who are you that i dream of at night,
who are you that i feel in my arms,
who are you that huant me in the corner,
you are me,
you are nothing,
girl_jane The sun will set soon, and we'll be surrounded in the night's cold, stinging spines. 020526
I AM SOMEONE we head into
into the lonliest evening
camille the evening sky
like a quiet and still bruise
what's it to you?
who go