Bill It's easy, no?
All anyone should need or want are wine, love and money.
amy yah, real easy. wine being the easiest of the bunch. if you've got all that, you'll find it easy to add more to your list, and i don't think it ever becomes hard. well, not that hard, not as hard as the original three. i should know, because that's me sitting right on top of easy. 991205
bob A jug of wine,
A leg of lamb
And thou!
Beside me,
Whistling in
the darkness.
Q about all i ever drink, besides coffee, milk (wisconsin, where i was born, is amerika's dairyland, i hate skim, 1% and 2% (human, by the way, is about 5 % for
you health fanatics) and my grandfather and so far only father-in-law, bless their souls, were dairy farmers) and water if i need to, are beer (also a vicissitude of being a wisconsinite) and

fuck you, if you don't like run-on's once in awhile.

about the only wines i drink are from wisconsin or california, although on the rare occasions i'm outside the us i might try local wine if the locals, mainly francaises, italiano and deutch, seem to think their respective local wines are respectable. no englishman or irishman (or woman) has ever recommended local wine to me. is there some reason for that?

yes, wisconsin has a couple of great wineries, near madison, including one whose founder (a hungarian by birth, sorry i know no hungarian) eventually went on, after getting the one in wisconsin going well, to start california's wine industry. so there!

merlots and chardonnays are my favorites.

i spend no time studying wine. just pour me a glass, please, and converse with me, over food if you wish.

i subscribe to the ancient, time-tested philosophy that three things matter in life, besides good coffee: vino, l'amore et pisetas, or is that last one bread and cheese?

for those of you who, like me, feel blessed to be americano/a, happy fourth.

and god bless mexico!
guitar_freak I could dring white wine ALL day long
tis' heavenly
deb wine
ivory and black

my bridesmaids :)
wine- jenny
navy- nicole
wine- jenni
navy- tam
wine- liz
(that whole ivory and black thing...
that's me an' my daddy)
Barrett I dreamed I was in a Hollywood movie,
and I was the star of the movie,
this really blew my mind...
cisco kid to think that me, a long-haired overfaired leaping gnome should be the star of a hollywood movie, but there i was 001103
birdmad ...i was in the hall of the mountain king 001104
why cant we be friends man i love that song. 001104
Barrett I was in the court of the Crimson King. 001105
misstree red wine and opium and incense, the musk of all three swirling together to make such a velvety night of decadence. 001128
grendel but leave a kiss
within the cup
god shit. no more wine. must get beer. 010527
Norm I'm just a kid. This isn't my kind of drink. It produces a softer kind of drunk. It takes away my invulnerablity. I think I'll avoid it from now on. I expected more from alcohol, I'm really very disappointed. 010826
phace Well, with a tree hanging on my powerline, and my power gettng ready to go down with a pine tree. I poor a few glasses wine+sprite, to try and keep my self warm. Only a few glasses though. I dotn know how long I will need them. I may not have heat for a days. I love her. Even thouhg she will not her me. I will freeze thinking of her. ((ron howard eat your heart out!)) For her nasty habit which she bestowed upon me, may save my life. that will shake your unsteady faith now wont it? 020103
HeatherBrock Whine to whino. Drink to intoxication. Beauty is in the eye of me..and the beer holder. 020507
girl_jane communion wine 020912
jane it was strange that the best wine i ever had was in church. i wasn't baptized and never had a first communion, but i would take communion anyway. so i was at church with a friend and i took a sip of this wine and it was a sweet white wine [usually i am partial to red wine]

but how could i ask the priest where he got that kick ass wine?
florescent light deep purple wine
the Friday night kiddish by candle kind
the rosh hashana apple and honey cake kind
the passover matzah, horshradish, and charoset kind
baruch atah a'donoi, elohanu melech ha-olom, bo-ray pa-ree ha-gufen.
girl_jane Tonight.

etoiles oedipus and sisyphus enjoy each other's company over fine wine and dainty watercress sandwiches.

so tell me again: how is your mother?
imposter vinum est veritas 030904
once again wine is truth?

I always thought wine was fruit...
randomly recent "what do you want on your cornflakes?
I'll have WINE please".
-lister, Red Dwarf

naive artist Never, ever, mix beer and wine. One of the many axioms burned into my mind since childhood. 040619
concha three bottles in less then an hour consumed with some highly delicious food means one thing: good times all round. 050925
witchesrequiem yum 081018
hsg boxed = lower carbon_footprint

some boxed wines are a LOT better than others.
hsg & vitamin_c 090616
minnesota_chris I heard my two supervisors talking about another person and her wine. My ears perked up. Wine at work?!? When life is dull, wine makes everything better.

No, he was talking about her _whine_. There's plenty of THAT at work.
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