sage is what i say when i'm feeling pretty good. 980918
dallas rpy, rd, iry, ndy

It's also what I say when I'm unable to believe what's going on around me.
steve , that won't even hurt until tomorrow. 981021
heidi ppy meal 981117
thenestor "Ha!" I said, "You mortals mistake me for a witch doctor! But I am really a general practitioner for all pagan persons!"

...or something like that.
Chris ha ha....hahahaha...ha ha ha ha. That was funny. 990307
dican HA!
You're caught!
Carolyn Duncan he said. and he always had a wonderful way of laughing, a "ha" that was meant and then cynical within the same breath. A sort of sarcastic laugh even, like "hey you, yeah you, universe..." So I laughed when I meant it, or when I was nervous, anxious. He when something was ironic, tragi-comic, etc. Together we were a bundle of laughing sorrows and neurosis. Ha. 990917
why me not quick worth a chuckle
but for the effort...ha
hahaha heh 000130
girl hat - t
hammer - mmer
handsome - ndsome
had - d
hate - te
hand - nd
haughty - ughty
have - ve
hard - rd
has - s
ham - m
Hamton - mton
hast - st
half - lf
Harriet - rriet
habbit - bbit
hag - g
happy - ppy
happen - ppen
hare - re
hay - y
have you had enough? - ve you had enough?
neville Never enough!!
silent bob HA! I fooled you into thinking i was me! i can be whatever i choose and there aint nothing you can do about it, because happiness is a warm gun child
bang bang shoot shoot
youlanda u sure did.
god brou- 010130
Euan when my friends are trying to tell a funny story that isn't in the slightest bit funny at all I just say ha whenever i think the bit is i'm supposed to laugh at. No it's more of a "huh" actually I say. Schhnibbrrt to that. 010925
. : * p s y b o r g * : . I say ha when I talk about Justin. Ha. 011026
ClairE Makes me think of Annika.

I try to say "ha" instead of "lol". Because otherwise I start saying "laughing out loud" in my head. When something is funny.

That fact is funny or not funny. Depends how you see it.

("ha" also makes me think of rabbits. fuzzy things like sweaters. don't know why.)
nah....! red_buttons? nah........ 011127
...ooo... hhhhhhaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! ajjaajajjjajjj!!!!!! ahhhhaaaaaahaaaahahaaaa!!!!!!!! 020207
carne de metal bón 020215
reitoei you can pack a lot into one syllabal. victory defeat love hate joy and sorrow 020215
Death_angel Ha is such a stupid word coz i really dont laugh like HAHAHA. Mayb some snob does but not me! 031020
fairbecca kind of an "urrrf urrrf urrrrf" when I'm really laughing...most people laugh when it hurts, too. I would rather laugh than snivel. Pouting is big in my hometown. Lots of pouty folks with REALLY big hair. Ha! Ha ha! (the big HA!) 031120
www.blackandredparty.de.vu www.blackandredparty.de.vu 040422
scott the simplest utterance of chortle said the lowly tortouise 041116
Analyst of Written Laughs "Gotcha!" or "Wow!"

This type of laugh is usually more of an amused or valedictory interjection than an expression of humor.
hsg like 110501
hsg the blather_button who_button go_button from_button like_button 110501
spoken ha is that video on youtube of the reporter talking about an infestation of canadian pigeons and getting pooped on not once but twice by said pigeons sitting in a tree above his head second plop right in the kisser
now that deserves a double HA so here it is HA HA
Shpaaaaaaaaaaaa Shpaaaaaaaaaaaa 141205
shpaaaaaaaaaaaa shpaaaaaaaaaaaa 141205
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