psyki i have several fuzzy shirts.
i ate several strips of bacon.
i made several silly paintings.
i know several kinds of cereal.
i am several different people.
i typed several lines of text.
aaroni parponi kinda like ztchouopuipou. but with a little "raz-ma-taz", no? 000225
maccie little fuzzy things that crawl all over you... 000626
amber I love fuzzy....but my favorite is my fuzzy bed...a black valor blanket as my sheet....and my fuzzy zebra stripe blanket....yummy sleep in fuzz is good...my second favorate is my deep fuzz those who knew her remember her well 000810
startfires watching the fuzz on the screen makes me feel cold like winter 001005
valis fuzzy logic:
the laws you operate under
when drunk
EECP I like this word. Even now it gives me a warm feeling. What a wonderful thing, fuzzy. I like fuzzy. 001214
carpet matches the drapes fuzzy wuzzy wuz a bear,
so what is he now?

fuzzy buzzy scuzzy=
a hairy fly with loose morals

cheers love
. : * p s y b o r g * : . I have a fuzzy purple shirt. I love it. 011030
J my head is so friggin fuzzy when i shave it
i cant ever stop playin with it cuz it feeeeels soooo goooooood
hsgatincamail analog at a distance
digital up close
hsg fuzzy like a moldy log in the woods coming to life. again.

fuzzy_logic undermines the ego's insistence that things are for sure either a one or a zero. by the nature of war being fear, the egotistical disposition of militants do not allow for acceptance of fuzzy logic. life itself is something that shakes free of the uniformity of death. creativity finds a way. breaks the rules. grass through sidewalk cracks. soft green grass through hardcore concrete. engineers found that concrete decomposes from bacteria. extreme feats of engineering allow natures trends and real rules of life to surface....that we're here to break the rules, that the rule of life is to be infinitely free for all of eternity, eventsuwillsee, eventually.
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl i love the fuzzy drunken feeling.

thats the best thing about drinking
well that and the warm friendly feeling you get towards people.
the very friendly feeling.
stork daddy the very kissy friendly feeling...the very kissy half erection feeling. 050724
deb lovely it is
to find fuzzy ease
within a glass

to let it slip within
and take over just a hair
to relax tense smiles
and slip easily into
honest ones

how refreshing you are.
what's it to you?
who go