psyki will you be my friend?
i just want a friend.
and a bubble bath.
and some fresh lemonade.
and a pillow.
and a floppy spoon.
and thick blueberry frosting.
and a towel.
and an icy spine.
that is all that i want today.
rah i love you, but if you treat me like shit, you can just ........

my mother was a dj ...

hands up high, feet down low ...

who is friendly ? im not friendly ...

and i wanna be you, just for one day
Tom random is my chief friend
when we're all friendly, I feel random.
I am random for friendliness.
A jumble of words, a jumble of thought,
and a jumble of theory.
Where is my head?
It's the radioactive mind that makes me friendly.
what's it to you?
who go