psyki vacantly glancing at her neck
thoughts rush loudly in mine
i think about the texture of skin
and the gentle curve of her spine
smelly freeze the atlantic 010814
coolz Feeling without socks then feeling without gloves. 020909
icy why do you think icy is female? 031031
icy don't tell me your dreams -
i'll break them
don't say you have no weaknesses -
i'll make them
if you want me forever
i'll leave you
stranded and alone -
bereave you
all that i touch
turns to dust
looking for somone
i can trust
to love someone, first
love yourself
placing selfishness and pride
on the shelf
what do i do i if i think
that i can't
living life morose, unhappy -
constant rant
yet you are my teacher,
my dear friend,
great lover, who will stay
til the end.
misstree you entertain me.
fuck uniqueness or lack thereof.
who cares.
do what you do,
run naked through the woods,
or not,
this is the place for it.
but leaving is unacceptable.
because you entertain me.
don't make me stare disapprovingly at your back as you walk away.
*readies the eyeballs of doom*
randomly recent psyki, why under icy?

icy#2, beautiful poetry.

misstree, 'leaving is unacceptable because you entertain me'? live with it!

icy write to me
i want to be lost in the magic of our words
take me through your imagination,
down the paths of your thoughts.
i don't want the spell to end for it brings me peace -
even when i have to think about what you say.
through your unique transcendent insignificance
you open new doors, bring new perspectives.
your words are unlimited -
please direct some my way.
i hunger for your pen to meet the paper,
for your outpouring of thoughts, ideas, views
expressing individuality and not the standard voice
your words become music to my eyes
painting pictures with astounding colors
a limitless palette of your creation
glorious wordscapes, breathtaking

praise and gratitude to you -
a once nameless faceless writer
i am nothing to you
but you will always be something to me
pete at times i think i know you 050822
icy you always know me. in every tortured breath, every fevered glance, every shaky step. i am your unrequited love and your revered hate. i am everything you think you might enjoy and everything you adore loathing. i am all the evil connotations, the one you would never bring home if you had me.
but look in the dictionary under tease and you will find me there.
icy "tell me more about yourself"...
for some reason, it's easier here...
but, perhaps that's because i can include whatever i want, and pretend all the bad, embarrassing stuff never happened... but that would have worked out better if i never typed anything beyond the occasional poetry post.

i have two cats that are really still quite kittenish, as they are currently running about like chickens with their heads cut off (the chickens, not the cats; the cats still have their heads - yet). i talk and type too much, usually until meaning has been lost or forgotten. this intensifies when i've been drinking. so it would seem that i've been drinking and/or heavily intoxicated for the vast majority of what i've placed here on blather.
i regularly wear my favorite manson/kiss/moon/snoboarding boots and a hot pink (urban) cowboy hat. not together necessarily. and the boots are really not all those things - that's how my friends (yes, even i have some) refer to them. they are new rock boots, if that helps.
i drink too much, obviously, and often say/write/type things i wish i could take back, or at least edit later. but it's what makes me me.

and tonight, after much deliberation, alcohol, and a couple phone calls (not really in that order), i have decided that i shouldn't be such a nice person as people regularly point out that i am - you'd be surprised. "you're such a nice person!!" well, yeah, not anymore. have to live up to that alias, as to the other - it's really not worth it. but i can't help being me, either.
icy honesty was never part of it. this is and always has been a world of deception.
totally trusting one minute, and paranoid cynic the next. i think i'd lean more towards monstrous... sooner or later i disappoint.
what's it to you?
who go