Ariadani I think if i keep reading blather into the night, that my eyeballs will fall out.

I wonder how it feels to have no eyeballs?
I mean, once you get past the pain of the nerves being ripped apart at the seams, it must be so bizarre to have the empty sockets sitting in your skull, with nothing to take up the space that your eyeballs once occupied.
Is it possible to be born without eyeballs? I wonder what that's like.
The lack of vision would make me sad,it would probably be too much for me to bear.
But, i think that if i could feel what its like to have no eyeballs....
Im not going to finish that thought. I love seeing too much to think about not being able to.
squint meeee too...

sometimes, because of this small thing paste! said about his eyes rolling
down the stairs...
sometimes i roll my eyes and then run down stairs and try to imagine that i am my eyeballs and we are rolling down the stairs like when paste said he rolls his eyes down stairs and
it frustrates me that i can't really physically do this.
it seems like a satisfying thing.

***someone says something cheesy and/or stupid***
**jamie rolls her eyes up but then they keep rolling and end up falling out and roll down a nearby set of stairs**

**jamie shrugs and somebody retrieves them**

**person who made stupid comment feels stupid because my eyeballs rolled so much that they fell out of their sockets**

doesn't that sound good?

ok i dont know how i could phrase this to make it sound so enticing as it does me me. meh!

my friend eve cannot say the word "eyeball" to anyone of the opposite sex.
misstree take a coat hanger.
unbend it.
heat it red-hot.
touch it to someone's eyeball.
watch it explode.
what's it to you?
who go