Quintessensual Oh, yes, set us free! 010110
Quintessensual Ready, ..........., go! 010110
Quintessensual Nothing that lives is set in stone, and even stone is not set. 010110
Quintessensual Technically speaking, a set cannot be defined, because any definition would be circular. A definition would need to make use of what would be defined.

Technicalities aside, a set can be thought of as a collection of objects.
blown cherry I cried through most of it.
Standing behind him, with my arms hugging his body to me and my hands shoved in his front pockets, his bony hips beneath my palms, I let my head rest on his shoulder, my eyes rest alternately on his face and apon the singer, and my ears rest in the mellow mood of the music.
Privilidged and honoured to be present at such a meaningful moment,
overwhelmed by the atmosphere and the awestruck crowd,
I choked on the sobs and held in the deepest of happy of moments I'd had in a while.
The perfect song came on,
and his face lit up in a wonderous look of joy,
then he turned to me for a second,
sharing a smile which went far beyond its aesthetic,
and all I could do was to disbelieve that I was there at all.
The distance to come there too infinite,
the situation and exchanges too impossible.
So I dreamt that there by his side I stood and cried
while the world took a break and stepped out to play a song for the intent-listner,
and to compose a few extra minutes of life for me.
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