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7" fixed blade.
bowie-esque (no blade on back)
wooden handle with brass hilt and pommel
matching 4"
leather sheath
made in spain.
gift from Lindsay's parents, 2003

7" fixed blade
made in Taiwan
full bowie
blood groove
'crocodile hunter' laser etched into blade
similar materials to the spanish one, less decorative, more functional style.
leather sheath and belt
donated by Ray Ward, 2002 R.I.P

6.5" Bayonet (M5A1)
Probably made in USA.
carbonised 1.5 edged blade
black plastic hilt, with mechanism to lock to rifle
blade bent and scratched.
handles nicely.
with sheath made for an M8A1,
sheath has '83' stencilled in white paint, and 'PWH' stamped below 'M8A1'
£50, 2002; 18th birthday present from Lindsay's parents.

6" Fixed tanto, slightly curved blade
Made in Taiwan.
Rubber coated handle
Handles nicely, slightly slippery grip
£15, Gilders.

6.5" Fixed Utility
Made in Spain (by 'Nieto')
Serrated back (utlity)
Black rubber handle
Nice curved blade
19th Birthday Present from Linds. (Gilders)

5" British Paratrooper (replica)
(mine has utlity serrations on back)
15, Hollowell steam rally, 2002?


Opinel #7
15, Gilders

'Silver Hawk' standard lockknife design
£30, London

Butterfly Knife, probally of Eastern Origin (though bought in France)
-gift from Dick. cheers.

Poor imitation, 'S&W jaguar' design

Several similar 'jaguar-esque' knives, of varying quality (personally, I don't trust the mechanism, but there you go)

Of note, there is one with rainbow effect handle; a showpiece. handles terribly.
£17? Gilders

Ivory letteropener
£25, somewhere near London.

2 Victorian Mother of Pearl penknives, gifts from Linds.
£? Penny's Antiques

Various smaller knives from Gilders.

replica samurai sword, unsharpened.
£25, Fish Market

Short Sword of unknown origin, age and purpose. (beautifully stamped leather handle and sheath)
$10, Fish Market

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