dallas deeper than soul
allie let yer mind flow & yer body will follow 990501
uncle aussie rhymes with move, prove, the Louvre -
and there's one on every vinyl LP.
syde hmmmmm allie. nice. 000110
Mellow smooth Groove
tender LOVE-N'
dancing, laughing, SEDUCTION

hot operator
chilled DES-I-RE
shadows across a wall flicker

words jive
music PLAY-N'
They only make me want more
Casey I think I need a new one, being a llama is not that fun. 011007
god my guitar wants to kill your llama 011212
ClairE What a friendly word. 011212
oren It's when you find yourself doing everything just right. Even if your mind wanders, or your mood changes, or problems arise, you just keep doing everything right.

You never have control of a groove, you simply ride it. A groove is pure. A groove makes you conform to its standards.

Grooves are discovered, not created.
what's it to you?
who go