So Crates quote asshat demonstapon 020710
girl_jane I can I prove myself. Should I have to? 020915
nomatter I have nothing to prove. 030904
oldephebe too late to get into wittgenstein and nietzch, satre, hegel and all the other uber phenomenologists and materilaists and existentialists - they're too rigorously linear and logical for me - especially at this late hour - speaking of proof or prove - is any willing to haul out a remedial encapsulation of heideggers ethos - or his seminal work, is magnum opus - it's too late i can't keep focused on ...

mon every_time i open my_eyes from sleep
when i_hear that next note rising from the river of my_heart
when_i_find_myself laughing
can't stop myself from crying
when i am looking for proof
when i am found
oldephebe b e a u t i f u l !!!
a girl with nothing to say i dont need to prove anything to you people you believe what you want 031017
nobody good point and furthermore
WHO really cares?

life is the bomb
the bomb inside your head

whatever explodes or goes off when you want it to sleep

teenage boys used to be so fucking cute
you know it was terribly hard to resist his young energetic electric beauty

there's nowhere left to go
marjorie scully was sent to debunk the x-files and precious mulder.
oh my.
what will happen next.
what's it to you?
who go