Tank someone has a lot of spare time on their hands... 001004
Dena spare time... what is spare time???????? 011021
Dafremen (double take)
I'm sorry, was that a coherent thought I just read? Was that a nugget of wisdom covered in the velvety smooth nougat of irrefutable fact?

I'm impressed. Take a sheep. (Or a sacrificial_lamb if you prefer.)


There is no spare time my little champagne bubbles. While there may be bubbles aplenty in the glass, for each of you, my precious bombitas, there is only the time it takes to reach the end of the journey. Barely enough time to appreciate the trip, let alone have any to spare.

A toast:

To bubbles,
May the journey be all that you could ask for, and may you rise...slowly.
god potato to ease harmonic failure?
sounds logical.
andru235 logical, lacigol
thought police! interpol!
logic don't/know it all
Qazual as obvious as the log near the river bed and as heavy as a ton of them but quite buoyant and able to support many men even fat men who abuse the knives and forks when they are dinning criminals cry their innocence and lawyers play the blame game its not just us its injustice ... well its almost the same as ill logic sick with vile toxics from kissing business men judges and cops with their hands in my pocket but you cant find it there neither is it seen in politics its nowhere near where power exists its explicit to those who can open minds with mischief

I am logical.
Zoe sometimes i fear that i am a little too logical. i always go over every possibility before an event. i plan things way ahead of schedual. my boyfriend is always complaining that i never just trust my heart. which is true. it's sad because as he's saying this i realize that i'm going to end our relationship because it's the logical thing to do. we get in too many fights, he doesn't have a plan on life, my friends and family don't like him, he has no education, no money, i'm going away for a year, so i am going to break up with him after this summer. it is logical. do i love him? more then i ever thought possible. i spend half my day thinking about him and the other half talking to him (minus the tiny part dreaming about him). i yearn for his touch, i get butterflies every time someone mentions his name. but, the logical side of me has won out again. tough luck heart. 050419
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