nullspace just when you're feeling totally down,
someone sends you a nice little note
making you feel special again. know who you are.
cazzi everyone needs support in their lives at one time or another...and I could really do with some right now. 001230
moona Not to be confused with poofinger 030730
MeKoy cazzi we all could 031226
hsgatincamail talk
ofsuch where you turn to when theres no one left 040430
Polispark Struggle helps us find our strength and remember that it all pays in the some way or another, as long as you know your limits. 050722
Photophobe Even birdmad has stopped blathing. Their last blathe was over a year ago.

Does this still exist? In my head blather is still a forest of words to get lost in. But I know all of this will be deleted soon, eventually, surely? - and with it my childhood.

I know nobody is reading, but... Where is blather hosted and how can we contribute?
arwyn I came back recently. Unhinged regularly posts. There's a handful of us left. 181110
xelda Pretty sure no funds are needed.
nr i wonder if an old site like this could ever have its interface updated to be viewable on current apple computers. i still really appreciate blather but can only ever read it on my phone. it's not quite the same. i'd try to help if i knew anything about this stuff. (i'm curious if others here have come across this, or maybe most people here are PC users?) 181111
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