3s0t3r1c digital extension of the human imagination terabit thought conceived
electrical signals transposed communication dexterity
the notion of existence continuously reinvented

abstract nature these very words are nothing but a sequence of ones and zeros
relativity in full effect
I speak hexadecimal ASCII LISP
and PERL
Dafremen You cold, callous asshole. Where do you come off speaking of my PC that way?!

If anything on this planet has been a constant companion to me, it's been my PC. It's more human than any human ever was, and certainly a lot cheaper to feed.
boymansonbowie1 a very high tech, confusing phone 010923
ferret i wish i spoke your language, i am like a spaniard in an aztec camp, doing things that i really have no idea of the importance of. i'm looking for a good linguist though. 030524
User24 they do all sorts of stuff really, don't they? 030927
what's it to you?
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