Tank i have lots of these on my hands from riding chrome_wonder. i love them so, they make me feel tough! heheheee 000713
Butterfly Collector Heartless. Treating other people like crap. Cruel. 010811
ilovepatsajak i'll try too hard to hold on to you. and in a little while, we'll only have to wave. 020105
unhinged he was a cute little boy
with cuddly callouses
he seemed so
little boy
with a good family
and pastor
and loverly guitar
he was the kind of boy
i wanted to sleep with
with no movement
and no sound
wrapped around
warming my cold hands
on his flashing smile
no reason ow ow ow. first callouses, and bleeding, EVER, after 9 years.
maybe i'm finally practicing the amount i should be, but still. No sympathy for the drummer. NO SYMPATHY!
australian highrise I've lost mine. I'm weak again. time to build them up again. again. 060523
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