Shar i'm not trying to be.

please, i don't want your pity.

no, i don't want anything from you.

stop it. you're enabling me.
Tiffa i feel so weak and vulnerable
i have myself and i have my love and i have my friends
i am so alone
i cry and i am weak
i love and i am weak
i hate myself like this
i am such a child
MollyGoLightly I'm not. 000522
The Schleiffen Man i have moments of weak that appear as sporadically as kittens in chinatown. and they don't seem to last longer than kittens in chinatown either. but when they hit, i need hugs. 000522
aschool we are all children. as much as we thing we know every thing we really know nothing 000522
disheartened I feel alone, I feel afraid.
Like I can't survive if there isn't another person to continually hold me up. I feel weak, I feel human.
I don't blame you for that, though it is your fault.
You've ripped down all my false pretences. I can see through the mist now, but what I see scares me.
I hold the truth in distain.
unhinged i know the reasons for my addictions...i can't deal. i'm weak. i like to smoke weed cause it takes away all the anxiety i have that i don't want to deal with. i hate being this way. dependent. i don't talk to tino very often but when i do he always berates me for being weak. i always want to stop all the weakness in my life but i eventually come back to it everytime. 010110
Norm fucking weak human body. 011002
[remy] and the cow says, 'moo.' 020118
doownosiop .em 020918
Syrope id rather be weak than have already given in 020918
minnesota_chris I had a thought, more like a waking dream about that today.

I don't get scared by monsters that want to devour or destroy.

What scares me, totally freaks me out, is when the prey has lost the fight, passive, their searchlights are dark, they can see nothing.

Like the stories about firemen who enter buildings filled with carbon monoxide, and immediately fall asleep on the floor. Or the paralyzed fly, after the spiders bite.
~gez~ i feel weak, drained by past events. i will recharge, and become once more what my former self was
Darth Maul Fear. Fear attracts the fearful. The strong. The weak. The innocent. The corrupt. Ah, but fear. Fear is my ally!! 030720
endless desire hunger pains.
and then she starts to double up
afraid she might puke
and the ends of her stomach
where nothing is found.
new definition to the phrase,
new meanings to the word.
true pain. . .
like a piercing cramp.
she grabs at her stomach in a childish
attempt to soothe. closes her eyes,
hoping that when they open again
the pain will have mercy.
her body with have mercy.
heading to the cupboard.
it's not worth this.
it's not worth this at all.

the whisper cotinues
she shakes it out of her mind
yet it pursues. . .
slowly, elongating each letter
sound. feeling.
emotion at the very
core of the word.


TalviFatin and powerless over you 031019
Death of a Rose frailty, be careful, weakness is sought out by others 031019
Fully Aware having no thought

being afraid to speak one's mind
shivers theres nothing i can do to change the situation. y is she doing this to us. y r u doing this to me. cant things just be normal, y all these "complications". but i guess things would just get boring otherwise. 031119
Love Is All You Need I feel weak. Weaker than before.

This word, to me, sums up how I feel now that Love Lies Bleeding. I want to be a strong person, I want to believe that I if that special someone wanted me I could resist but I can't...

His sweetness is my weakness. And he knows it
tyrsia evaporate this lonliness. i am weak and i resist it. i am weak and you are strong. please don't tell anyone. 040122
Riva anemic, debilitated, decrepit, delicate, effete, enervated, exhausted, faint, feeble, flaccid, flimsy, forceless, fragile, frail, hesitant, impotent, impuissant, infirm, insubstantial, irresolute, lackadaisical, languid, languorous, limp, makeshift, powerless, prostrate, puny, rickety, rocky, rotten, senile, shaky, sickly, sluggish, spent, spindly, supine, tender, torpid, uncertain, undependable, unsound, unsteady, unsubstantial, wasted, wavering, weakened, weakly, wobbly 040309
spiffy standing and feeling so weak. not a drop of energy is left. i cannot keep myself up any longer. just trying to is painful and unbearable. i will colapse right here. there is nothing to lean on. it is beyond my control. 040627
nothing if i let myself collapse what happens to me next? 040627
puredream You make me weak. 040627
Syrope so tired. my body's demanding rest but i can't do anything about it...
i just want to walk out...not say anything, just get up and leave...drive home, park in a spot that's not mine, crawl in bed with you, and not budge for a few days.
Lemon_Soda A weak will...my main flaw.

But I'm working on it, and its getting better.
(_) when skin touches
skin my bare legs under
a skirt that
covers ugly knees
yet is still somehow
dangerous because i can feel
my scars

a time machine
back to
summer ripping my legs apart.
strain against the hurt.
fabric ties my feet
and i want to write about dying---

oh! will i do this again
pleaseno pleaseno pleaseno.
don't make me so
pale weak helpless

anymore, like i am
in skirt or pants.
scars show under fabric
panic tears.

[sob, so many
weaknesses can't save anyone
honey, take care.]
what's it to you?
who go