psyki you play darts? the man asked.
well i'm not crying now.
i'm not trying to win.
i saw someone standing in the kitchen.
and a snake by my bed.
i saw her eyes and they were red.
because they were bleeding blue blood.
where did you go?
i need to know which way to go.
i've lost more than my mind.
a space cake.
heart trauma unit.
i want to be where i want you to be.
unhinged i'm sure your reasons for spewing offensive shit all over this place are valid to you. 010815
MisterFunkadelic Earth Wind and Fire

sweet tune.
dondeestanlosjaguares "reasons, the reasons that we're here, the reasons that are feelings won't disappear"
-earth, wind, and fire

there are many reasons to many things in this world. the only reason i live lives in some place far, far away. she lives in a yellow house. she has a horse and a dog. she has a family and she has the woods.

reasons, the reasons that I have become what I am, and am doing what my heart desires, is all brought down to this one person. . . call it exaggeration, call it what you want. to me, it is simply truth.
god yak 021016
angie Reasons I almost cried today

-I was talking to you thinking about how I hallucinated again last nite and thought you were next to me, only to wake up with you not by my side.
-I was thinking about my mom, and my family, and religion...and what is real...and what isn't.
-I was thinking about how much I care about you, and how much I want you with me all the time.
-I thought about what I would do if you were ever taken from me...taken from this world.
-I was listening to Time to say goodbye....this opera song with sarah brightman in is really beautiful...

Not so sure why I am so emotional today.
It is 2:15 and I am still in my pajamas...that could have something to do with it.

I can smell you on me because I never took a shower, I can taste you right now because I will never forget the way you taste...thats always with me.
will i`ll give you a reason to cry 030209
Frak it's unfortuante that it seems we can never get others to fully understand our reasons for doing the things we do. 031103
scorpion heart "What were you doing? Where is your reasoning?" shouts my mother as i walk into the house. she's not going to get the truth out of me. she hasnt spoken a kind word to me in months! i think this as i scrape the sole of my shoe against the granite kitchen floor. i had missed work, the entire night of work, and they had called the house to see where i was. what can i tell my mother. does she really think i will tell her? : Mom, i was smoking a couple bowls and getting drunk! Like i always do! she searches my purse, unsure of what shes looking for. she finds nothing. hah. i keep my mouth shut and she finally leaves the kitchen in a flurry, rushing off to her room, questions unanswered. later i hear her crying behind the bedroom door, blowing her nose, telling my father she thinks she's lost me, that she doesn't know who i am anymore. i cry in my own room after hearing these words. promised myself i wouldnt smoke again. wiping my tear stained cheeks, i realize that i wish i could tell you mom, i wish i could tell you what i was doing, but i can tell you one thing... i've got reasoning now. reasons not to. their you. 031118
me hi 031118
Kat balb ablba Kat 031118
Lint Lover He's the only reason I'm here 040523
notme i've got a few good reasons why i'm not a great person 040525
Procyon I make due without them. 070126
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