dallas but willing to risk it for the sake of what might happen. 980826
amy always, always very unsure. 981210
ceorl a small step towards wisdom 990419
deb she is torn between two worlds
one in which she finds herself
watching blatently as he walks by,
seemingly oblivious
-is he watching too,
or is she wishing it to be?-
the other is a world of noise
where she can lose herself
in the music
close her eyes and be...
just be...

the worlds collide in the night
while the music blares
and he smiles at her in her dreams
but when she wakes,
a smile on her lips,
she has to wonder....
will they ever be
or are the dreams just that...

i'd love to find out
cynara always unsure of everything but looking for happiness just the same

unsure of tomorrow and even yesterday

how come i'm the only one who doesn't feel sure and

how come i'm the only one who regrets everything
Bizzar So unsure of what to feel, or more appropriately, what this feeling is. So once again Ill just write to try and come up with the answers myself.

Am I scared of you? Because of this lack of seriousness our relationship has endured. So now am I afraid of what might happen if I am serious?

I want to tell you I love you.
I want to jump up and scream to everyone sitting in your living room how much I love you.
But I cant.

Because Im afraid. Im afraid youll think Im weak if I tell you I need you.

But mostly Im just afraid to lose you.
little wonder if he somehow unearthed the link to blather i sent him ages ago, things would be very different right now. maybe he secretly reads everything i've written here, and for some amazing reason he's not disturbed or disgusted.

everything i've written lately is about one person. and i feel redundant. but i also feel that i can't stop. just like i can't bring myself to go to sleep until he's done.
her royal highness the quirk i think i should have gone with my instincts on this one 040315
Nikita gut instinct? then i guess someday we might be married
that's what my gut spells to me

i was unsure but now i'm not

no, that would never happen

how many Damiens or Seths are out there; do they seem somewhat "satanic" ?
no reason if i'm okay with you being okay with what we are and what we do

i think i wish you wanted more
and more
no reason i don't know 100210
no reason why i feel things sometimes 100210
what's it to you?
who go