~gez~ move towards the moon and youll find me watiing for you. then youll realise your well bored, jump back down to earth and land on a bicycle with no saddle
. *pain*
Ahmad pleas note, you must not spit off the side of the escalator on the way to the moon 020809
Forming Mind It curves, turns and entertwines.
Each single step forming imprints.
Holes in a field of dirt, footprints stretching miles.
I grip his hand a little tighter.
Navigating through the canvases of rows.
Dark blankets of the light shadow all but two dots.
We navigate the lines of dirt, lumps of rocks and soil so deep it engulfs your foot.
Loosing our balance and falling into one another, we head towards the two dots.
I stretch my arm, to keep our hands locked and he steps closer.
Wrapping my arms around his neck, I cuddle him close and giggle.
He deserves the path ahead of me and I make sure he'll reach it.
His sweaty palms turn in mine, and I smile at him as he stares at the light hitting my shoulders.
restless another institution
another round
somehow it is all i want
what's it to you?
who go