For sure! i'm stretching for definitions here. i'm pretty sure that means it is time to quit. 000712
tit my neck to try to see things from your perspective, stretching my mind to try to understand how you can be so you 010314
mikey i love stretching. its relaxing. makes me sleepy.

its best followed up with a massage!
Sol suppose the universe is like a huge sheet of latex, items on it stretch this sheet down, warping space, the larger the object, the greater the deformation, if this is the case why cant we bounce around on it? because our minds cannot accept this and turn inside out 010507
. Sometimes stretching feels better than anything in the world. 030116
devalis I make sensual noises when I stretch. This somehow frustrates my boyfriend who lives in Brooklyn when I talk on the phone with him. 030117
mourninglight sprawling on the floor and taking one of those full body morning not out of bed stretches..
in the middle of a busy room.
X S baggage and thats when i pulled a muscle 041206
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