xipe totec the number of points determines the relative position and direction of the vanishing_point 010204
argo vanishing points. there are many. and the more complex the original form, the more of a trip one is in for. 010204
Keemeers There is something wrong in my perspective I think. I see things just from an ignorant person's point of view. And yet I consider myself really open-minded. 011101
rachael One of the ways to be the most open-minded is to just always try to look at things from other's perspective, i think thats the one thing so many people dont stop to do, people are too hasty, they never consider others, but only what they are seeing..ignorance can come from how you were raised, we all have ignorance but we can recognize it and try to change it, never think something without having facts to back it up, and always, ALways try to relate to someone, we never know where someone is at 020316
lycanthrope driving down the coast, from afar the hills look speckled with yellow, painted with yellow, i cannot see the head and bud of each flower, i cannot see the tears in the yellow, or the fading into a dull brown in this one or that is all averaged into a yellow blur....i cannot see the bee buzzing hurredly around the flowers...the bee who if he saw like me, being that up close, would be drowned in yellow see nothing but it 020405
Aimee I don't know what happened,
Everything from my perspective
began to melt down
I'm so sorry.

I don't know what's wrong.
I'm just losing control.
I really just need to cry now
but I just can't make it happen.

So now I'm sitting in a closet
with the doors mostly shut
a couple tears are forming
but there's nothing else happening.

Oh my god, I'm a failure
I'm not worth the tears I shed
I want to be a happy girl
but I think I'm better off dead.

It feels like I'm suffocating
and the worst part of this mess is
He'll blame himself
Oh god it's not him.
He's the reason I'm ever okay.
niko 1. Consider a specific situation from Your "ordinary" point of view = first person perspective.

2. Step out of yourself and watch the first person. Consider the situation and the first person considering the situation. This will give You a new perspective and new insights into the situation = second person perspective.

3. Step out of this second person and consider the situation and the two other persons considering the situation. This will give You an even wider perspective = third person perspective.

4. Repeat as above until You have as wide a perspective as You need.
misstree does doggerel i'd like to ride behind your eyes
and see through all these lies
and disillusions, and pry
open the truth to get to its wet middle,
feel its heart beat stronger and faster
than you can from just this little
piece of quiet pasture.

i'd like to hop a ride between the shoulders
of one more timid, or one bolder
than i can think myself to be,
feel the heat of the preacher's breath,
sit with a mortician's thoughts on death,
i'd like to sleep with the stones, feel their peace,
drift into a cloud's release
and cease
this endless wondering.

i want to know
from every angle,
leave no uncertainties to dangle
and tantalize these tired eyes,
i want to know and feel from everywhere.

so there.
jane vanishing_point 030911
User24 do you think that because of the internet, we're gaining more of an understanding of other people? eg, I'm awake at half 1am, and I'm conscious of people around the world, getting up to go to work, eating, sleeping, going about their daily business.. while most of the people in the UK are asleep.. the world is changing, look! someone's brother just died, someone just forget to put the milk back in the fridge, right now, someone's being mugged, someone's winning a prize, someone's shouting - etc.

I like perspective
secret4185 Yeah I think we are gaining perspective this way. It's funny how a single word can have different triggers for so many people. When I can't go to sleep I think of other peoples lives, people I will never meet or see and who will never think of me. It's sobering and fascinating at the same time. 031204
u24 indeed. 040103
once again life is not straight lines. not even ones with vanishing points. 040628
nonlucid I used to look at the cars passing on the highway late at night, thinking that each of the invisible people in the cars had lives, destinations, tragedies and such - but never know them, so many people, more than one could imagine, all individuals, all statistics

because they turn people into numbers, predict their actions, how they're going to vote, which store they're going to walk into, which box they tick, see the movements of the masses and call them the "public" and then the work of an individual, one of those ants can change all that

and you can be cynical and watch the manipulation or become part of it and watch the sunset and live

but it'd be nice to be god for a day and be above it all, just for a moment, see what it looks like from the outside
but that ain't happening
f i wish you could buy it 040629
pete let me put things into perspective for myself. you leave in two months for atleast 8 months, and you don't really want to live at home ever again. you will be two provinces over. i will probably only see you three times in that time period. and yet i can't get you out of my mind. 040629
selkie it took a pompous cock to help me appreciate the inherent goodness of the humble elephant man.

perhaps there will be a wedding afterall.
cheerleaderslut pompous cocks are good at that...

the trouble is when they hold on..
and you almost want to let them.
melodramatic i won.
is it because i was stronger or because you were weaker?
Unbridled My true vice, the one thing I have complete control over. 041108
Lisa it's this something you need to fight some other thing, people like to call "panic"

weird.. so weird
Keil I always thought that dreams were another form of seeing what we could never see before. It could be that either we are living in the now and can use these to see into heaven...or hell in the case of Nightmares. I could also change my perspective by saying that we ARE in heaven, and each dream/nightmare is just another one of our lives. It could also be a different person's heaven/hell that we are viewing in an attempt to bring us together. What a twisted perspective I have dreamed up

no reason it's funny sometimes what can put things into perspective

living in bc, as well as being notentirelyhealthy for awhile, have really made me realize and appreciate what's around and be truly thankful and not sweat the small stuff

parts look brighter, anyway
misstree i'm bitterly grateful for all the selves i've strewn and smeared here. each heartache is unique as the hundreds that have come before. 090511
In_Bloom Do you think they see what they want to see or what we create for them to see as we spark off reflective glass walls? 090512
Lemon_Soda This place shows me how differently I've viewed the world aorund me, how often my perspective changes. 090512
unhinged sitting at the busstop across the street, i saw five people i knew in some capacity come and go from the coffeeshop. i silently watched them come and go. at one time, i might have called out to a few of them, but i decided to let_them_go . 090512
past i feel like i'm walking into this with none--but that makes it more fun right? 090512
Ouroboros Feeling my emotion. Reviewing everything that was said and how it was said. Looking at it from my perspective, and then the other person's. Context. 090512
Bizzar is often not a friend, nor is it a foe. Often it appears as a cross_developed image, barely visible, like squinting through the fog. Yet somehow so clear, it taps you on the shoulder as if to say:

"...hey. I've been here all along."

It is always interesting what the years can do.
what's it to you?
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