silentbob to everything turn turn turn
there is a season turn turn turn
chanaka why is it when leaves turn
people become turncoats
we feel the need to turn into
a new being?
kinda like changing seasons
changing friends

why all the lyrics, silent bob? :)
chanaka turncoat turning away from me
watch me sink into the pit
turning as i fall
head first
changing emotional tides
take your turn! at feeling
join the pit club
vampers turn me on, turn me off, turn me over, inside out, upside down 010325
talyemy hum.
unmanifest that part of me,
a lovely word hung on a tree.
the ties that bind
that were okay for that time-
we walk a road to come back again.
mercy meet the joyous ride
winter's spring's asher merin side
insi lala natopwa cherrasonigleye.
Skull Turn! the way you are going leads to death! Can't you see? where are the ones who were before you? They are in the grave and no one can help them. Turn while there is still time! 011017
Reverend Lough and walk away
or run
leave your troubles behind.
lost i wish i could jus walk away. 030115
LawnGnomeFreak I'll wake up, turn, and you'll be laying next to me... Just like you were last night when I was asleep. 030524
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