Quintessensual Good Night

Time to put the candle out,
to bring clear-eyed sleep.
You need no jealous zephyr,
lurking by some window,
to help blow the light down,
to milk cobwebs over your mind's eye,
when you open it,
to withhold phantasmic convulsions
you need to make the morning good.
Time to put the candle out,
extinguish it now, softly,
with your own sweet breath,
for the good night your eyes
should clearly dream.

Copr. 1999
coolM For most people it's time to sleep. For me it's the only time to live. 991207
deb with the fall of the evening
my soul falls quickly
my heart runs away
laughing with the rays of the sun
and at the end of my day,
i find myself sitting here
tired and unhappy
no matter what the day held for me
why must i weep from within
so often?

all i want is to truely be happy
once more
mad madame mim That Time of the Night (The Short Straw)
Cette heure de la nuit (La courte paille)
A cette heure de la nuit
Où les réverbères projettent des croix au travers des embrasures de fenêtres
La paranoïa rôde là où les ombres reignent
Oh, à cette heure de la nuit
A cette heure de la nuit
Les sens embrouillés par quelque nouveau parfum
Déclencheurs de critique d'une pièce chargée
Oh, à cette heure de la nuit
Et si tu me demandes comment je me sens
Je pourrai te répondre en toute honnêteté qu'on a été embarqués dans un sacré voyage
Et si mes proprios me laissent du temps libre un jour
C'est avec les meilleures intentions du monde que je me tirerai, probablement
En me raccrochant à la courte paille
A cette heure de la nuit
Où les questions se regroupent dans un esprit grand ouvert
Convoque toutes les réponses avec le tintement des glaçons
Oh, à cette heure de la nuit
A cette heure de la nuit
Fais semblant de décrocher au téléphone
Ta confiance en toi blessée dans une zone de tir à vue
Oh, à cette heure de la nuit
Et si tu me demandes où je vais maintenant
Ma prochaine destination n'est en fait pas si claire que ça
Et si tu te joins à moi pour te mettre à genoux et prier
Je te montrerai le
Salut, nous prendrons le chemin des écoliers
En nous raccrochant à la courte paille
Si j'avais assez de fric, je parlerais un coup à ce garçon là-bas
Un compagnon de folie dans le miroir, celui aux cheveux d'argent
Et si quelque âme compatissante pouvait, SVP, régler mon ardoise
Et, tant qu'elle y est, si elle pouvait ramasser mon cœur brisé
Des ronds chauds et humides, des ronds chauds et humides, des ronds chauds et humides
aftb nothing, I open my eyes, nothing.
cold, I cover myself, cold.
silence, I whisper, silence.
gaudior more truth is told by night than can ever be told by day.

the harsh light of mother sun weakens our resolve, so we feel bound by the fear of Justice's equal light destroying us if she knows our crimes.

only at night can we be trusted.
tnt only at night can we know ourselves. only when it is the darkest can we see our light. 000116
bryson tonight the
stars are out shining
and slick
dew from a morning we will
never see
beautiful like a lost love
or a dead dream.
I survey those old gaseous orbs
in the canopy
vines entangled like limbs
I suddenly lose my footing
and crack open as I connect with the frozen earth
a nut fallen from its tree.
dizzy darkness. 000219
cares only here...
i thought i could
only here...
i thought i might
only here...
i kissed you
only here...
i found chaos
emily arms and legs entangled,
so that i cannot tell what's mine and what's yours anymore,
but you're only this nice to me at night
Pezcore day follows night, but when does night end? 000625
SCOTT how i hate the night 001109
lovers lament ah, night, my living mistress. ..billowy soft, smooth, dark.
wrap me in your gentle embrace, sleeping is for the day. eyes shut to the light. . .boring sun, my mistress shelters my eyes. more alive, throbbing with , pulsating. . .how can't you feel it. it's all around you while you choose to sleep, i run, freedom, naked, through the moonlit night.
psychobabe I love the night, it is apart of me and who i am. With out i wouldn't exist. The darkness that overcomes the world in a matter of minute, and the feeling of pure bliss. My real self can come out and be me, which is why people see such a fake image of me. but yet there is a shred of hope left for me, by the night I am mistress of all, I dominate the sky and the tips of mens noses. I drift through their dreams, and tickle their minds with thoughts, that not even the most brilliant can comprehend.

Ah the joy and feeling of night, where people come out of their fake skin, and party till the sun comes up. Then once more, I anticipate for another night, where I can come forth again.
SCOTT ah the night, surreal and comforting

night breeds its own sort of anticipation, and fears. night used to be my time, now it owns me-bringing useless doubts and fears and silence always the silence

still, it has its charms, at night i can be me, unfettered by the cumbersome chains of propiety, and social conscious i can speak my mind and vent my passion, releasing pent up frustrations and forgotten dreams,

i remember my dreams at night, but they fade in the light, as do i

psycho babe-what you wrote is beautiful

it is truth
Brown it enchants me with its gentle breazes that take turns being warm and cool 001130
Thyartshallshant Cold, dark, and the best time of the day.

I am a night person. I will sleep 'til three in the afternoon and go to bed at three at night. Thats the best way.

Not that i don't like the morning, i just don't like having to get up in it.

But night, it's easy to get up at night, after you've slept all day.

I do most of my blathering at night, it seems I'm my best at this time.

If you think my regular sayings are bad, pray to god i never get up in the morn and blathe.
the elf king Night time is my time. I wait until everyone else is asleep, and then I take off the heavy iron mask that I wear all day long. I can be myself, because no one will know, not even me - the dark hides all. I open my mind, and the memories all rush back. I unlock the door of my heart, and all the pain returns. Then I curl up, safe behind the veil of darkness, and I cry. I let the tears drip from my eyes until the first light of dawn streaks the sky. Then I pick up my daytime mask, put it on, and bolt it shut. All day long, amid the light and noise and activity, I hold my breath, waiting for night to come again. I think of my secrets, and I smile, because soon I will be safe, and soon I will be the person who has those secrets, and soon I will whisper those secrets into the darkness... 010206
p. this is where i find myself, this is where i make the best of who and what i am. i guess it's the alone time, the simply serenity of complete darkness/silence. you feel like the world is asleep as you work and strive. being alone at night for me, is extremely relaxing. it's when i forget the day-to-day troubles of my pathetic high-school existence and just remember who, and what, i am. 010227
rudhaen night is so typically the time to be alone that when it is shared with others you grow closer whithout knowing why. nightime binds while daytime deceives. 010228
Chrity go to:
Chrity go to:
sapphire_ is feeling.

and release and fantasy and rest.
where dreams are made and when the fire in our blood rages

night. when desire is strongest and innocence deepest.

the night is a paradox. the cold of despair and the warmth of freedom in so few hours...

...another few hours of you in my mind
yummychuckle Many people like the night because night seems like a time to be alone in the darkness...
but i like being with people in the dark. I love going out in the middle of the night and hanging out with friends and strangers...although bad things do end up happening.
I don't like the light because there is too much truth in it. People can see me clearly and see how ugly I am...I'd prefer to do my socializing at night. my favorite time...
soul true.
I wish i was nocturnal.
i would have to if i had xeroderma pigmentosum.
I'd rather that, then the disease i have now.
Jenna my day. 011012
Ladakh Buddhess A moon of golden pearl,
pierces through a night of velvety black.
She stares at the wonder,
the breathtaking beauty!
And...she wonders why this sight
is so exquisite.
And why she isn't...
with the sky.
Glennaieve here's to the night
the cloaking darkness of the night
keep me safe
comfort my soul
hold me true
never forget, the time
the place, the reason
the things we said
revealed by the darkness that
will never leave us
i wish....
"here's to the nights we felt alive
here's to the tears you knew you'd cry..."
Adyana Night,
when things come alive.
When things appear that wouldn't dare step into the light.
When the monsters and the angels of the world take flight.
When everything can make perfect sense before the dawn comes and washes away everything.
When you can think and be free and travel into the darkness of the world.
When you can free yourself from the sins of the light.
troy background noise returns to (subconscious) median level after a black mercedes cuts a slit of noise and chrome in the emptiness of 49th street. At this hour, the sound of tires are the slither of snakes... 020704
Crudelis words thrown together:
The only time I can truly be me.
The place where I find total comfort.
Nowhere in the world is as great as this.
Satisfying my every want, every need.
Just the sight of It soothes my nightmares to dreams.
The Night.
Dark, mysterious. A wondourful place.
Living in the moment that I can't escape.
Nor do I want to because It gives me such grace.
I swallow It's passion and feel my heart race.
The Night forever paralyzed me.
I'm in a permanently comforting gaze.
~gez~ where is she now? at the night i feel i need her most, though i don't. when will my wish come true 020830
blown cherry We make the night our own
distant sunrises ticking closer
the blinking green of the lcd the only indication of the day that comes.
Blinds drawn, lights dim
the light and the day do not penetrate these walls.
We stretch out into infinity,
into eachothers arms and beyond.
Where will the night take us now
following it blindly
what less than happiness could await.
The twinkling sky glitter above us
is the signal that all is right
the universe is perfect and untouchable
in this room
in this night.
birdmad bring_on_the_night 020906
Indigo Pixie Vespertine Dusk, envelope me in your peace and tranquility 021007
wolfman Have you ever been suffocated by the darkness?... have you ever felt the life squeezed out of you, as your site struggles to permeate the darkness. Have you ever looked up, and seen the specks of pure whiteness staring down back at you. Have you ever wondered... how something so empty... could be so beautiful? 030402
Lia Like a cloak, like velvet, softness in itself. Dangerous but comforting. Cool. Stars, beauty, wonder. Lovers embracing each other, mothers singing lulabies to their babies. Tygers burning bright...Dinner, dessert, sleep. 030619
The Pink Panda We shouldn't be caught alone at night
Things seem to change when the world sleeps
We seem to change when the world sleeps
I morph from an unsure...self conciouse...pudgy panda into a seductive...a-moral...parasite who lives on pleasure
And you?
You lose all control
Losing yourself just enough to get lost in the chemistry
Just enough to justify
Just enough to enjoy yourself
Maybe my GMC gypsy feels safe...
Maybe I make you feel safe...
Maybe you should think about why SHE can't make you feel the way I do
spathic 'night moon. 031011
megan Madame Schacter can see the fires too 031012
ferret it's symbolic of darkness, and my tab button isn't working 031012
pete captured here. i am free in you. orion in the south east, and the moon wandering forever. of course then there is the star of the west. atleast the first and the last cause me no ill thoughts. the moon.. well 'everytime i look at that ugly moon it reminds me of you' i am so irrational at times. and thus are the emotions yet to truly die, though they live no more. 040217
bryn When I lay awake at night, when everyone is quiet, and all the city lights fade away from my tired eyes, I'm finally able to think about me, not the world around me. Night is so beautiful, with its peaceful silence and pearly monlight and gray tones, stripping day of it's harsh texture 040322
ethereal in the night, we are speaking, you and i. to the ones who would listen, if only they could hear. 040413
_alone & lost_ night is the only time i really feel comfortable..... the only time i can talk... sometimes no one's there, so i talk to myself, but that's okay.
Night is when i burst from holding everything inside all day long.
Night hides me
silver tears i am gone.
i have fallen.
i am dead.
leave me alone.
busy spray panting all of my clothes black.
i will be invisible.
and no one will know i'm there.
i will die.
no one will care.
i'll trip on the traps i set up for myself,
and i will fall into the deep abyss of nothing.
just to be numb.
no more feeling.
no more logic.
no emotion.
to die.
to sleep.
silver tears the blanket of night sky stretches above me
the moths must have gotten to it...
there are holes, where the true sunlight is seeping through
you say they're stars
but they're holes. holes in this warm, fuzzy black blanket.
i reach up to the sky
and intertwine my hands in the blanket
my fingers slipping easily through the holes
i pull a little bit
and the blanket is moved aside, so that to the left of me, there is a stripe of brightness where the blanket used to sit.

i grasp the holes and pull down,
the blanket slipping down, and landing at my feet

and now.... now, it is day.
pete the blanket falls over top of me
whirlwinds of singing birds
in the absence of the days
o strong shadows
we run away

into this waking dream,
through the surreal paths and streams
we now that our feet fly tonight
along this peaceful breee

the moon hanging in the sky,
she smiles and sends us down her light
her companions sing the world to sleep

into this night we go,
long the trail that noone knows
and when dawn comes we will urvive,
fall to our knees and fall asleep.

slowly she paints the sky
thatthin crimson gold we love
and time hs come
to rest again
from our night running wanderings....
nonlucid a couple of nights ago i wanted to tell you everything, if you'd only ask any related question, wanted to stop lying (by omission, if nothing else) though I betray myself every time I smile foolishly, you miss the implication every single time, don't see my torture as you say 'no, no, we're not together' to the photographer

Then, I woke up in the morning and the idea was ridiculous

every single night i resolve to change my life and make it better, every single day I forget again
I wonder which one is right
nightowl the words flow at night. every night i vow to change and i vow to say i'm sorry for what, i do not know, but i know that i hurt for some reason, and i know i hurt because i made you hurt, but i do not know how or why or when but i know i need to apologize for what i do not know. every night i vow to apologize and i cannot sleep with anitcipation for i know it will make it better.

every morning i wake up and the thought of apologizing and the thought of my vows last night makes me weary with fear and doubts and i tremble with dread and guilt and i never apologize for what, i do not know.

every night i vow to change. every morning i dread it.
Jen everythng is so much clearer at night. But night is bad because it allows me to think. Oh Rob. 040913
djstar fish are slippery creatures
she said, "just find a place and grab"
but i'm fully clothed in bed for once
and i'm still cold.
it could be this room,
this unfamiliar room that disorients me
in the middle of this secret night.
besides the memories on the walls,
you're the only thing
in this room I know...
I had a bad dream,
I wanted you to hold me
but you were sleeping
so I held you instead.
And the words you muttered
before we went to bed
"because I don't feel close to you right now"
keeps echoing in my head.
How can I catch you
if you're constantly swimming away?
maK is a place in your mind tahat is to bright to see it 050617
ks not day 060322
ks not day 060322
ks not day 060322
falling_alone eerie how you stare
and my face glows from blue
here i sit outside.
the awful truth when i'm waiting for the sun to shine again
i am lying underneath this linen skin
and i'm thinking of the girl you would have been
just let me in.

while i'm typing i keep my fingers down
try my best to suffocate the sound
any noise escaping from my room
could be my doom.

so i'll just lay back and watch the stars
you could see them better where you are
up on the roof you dare to dream
you dream of me?
do you dream of me?

up in the small state of rhode i-land
you'll never know exactly what i meant
but i hope that maybe you'll get
a litttle bit
a littlte bit

so when you read this in the morning
i think it may be storming
the rain it will be pouring on my window.
i hope that i will see you in the evening
we can give the night a little meaning
i try to peel you off the ceiling.................

so i hope to see you on the fourth.
and hopefully some more.
i hope to see you a little more.
a little more.
Tibor Quiet nights make room for babies to be born. Warm nights roll out greens to be layed, let stars to be watched. Late nights bring out plans for the future, and needs for adventure. Lonely nights bring out my tears, I miss my Father, my God and I wish i was home with him. Airy nights made my son. I hope I will learn to make myself at home. I hope he won't wish there was more to life when he deamily thinks at night. 060917
Tibor Quiet nights make room for babies to be born. Warm nights roll out greens to be layed, let stars to be watched. Late nights bring out plans for the future, and needs for adventure. Lonely nights bring out my tears, I miss my Father, my God and I wish i was home with him. Airy nights made my son. I hope I will learn to make myself at home. I hope he won't wish there was more to life when he dreamily thinks at night. 060917
ofsuch goodness gracious it has been such a long night 060922
hsg the stars are always out.

sometimes we look at one close one and cannot see the many far away.

sometimes we see the many of them and forget our nearest one's are watching most closely watching over us.
hsg sleep_deprivation 061029
evilpunkrawker and that night,
when you came to give me a hug,
was the best moment of my life,
and when you left,
i cried myself to sleep.
a night so dark, so alone, why didn't you stay longer?
re_alisma shadows fall 100725
what's it to you?
who go