water nymph Walk alone through the land of the Godess. Let moonlight chase away fears.
May you be my guide forever and let unconditional love reign here.
unhinged good friday
no shoes
it's not that warm outside
little bare toes on the cobbles
please be careful
i don't want any part of you stubbed
the bright colors
the gold hoops
the head coverings
if i gave you a kroner would you buy food, drugs, alcohol clothes?
i don't really know
where do you go in the winter?
who plays the violin?
do they still shun you?
it would have been like a flock of birds
i walked away
all the change in my pockets
justsomekid whoring self
TalviFatin "Honey, honey, what is this? It looks like you robbed a gypsy!" 010802
romano Where do we come from? 011202
ellen cherry charles the other day, I told my friend that I wanted to be a gypsy, only a monogamous one. We decided I'd be an anomaly--the only monogamous gypsy 020106
zenfishsticks i was born in the wagon of a traveling show. 020106
Mahayana: Zakah: ... just the sight
of you

seduces me
[[[just your very structure]]]
[[the way u move across my eyes]]
[g y p s y]
[Romanies campfires]
[[love charms]]
[[mystic arts]]
[Romanies campfires]
[g y p s y]
[[the way u move across my tongue]]
[[[just your very structure]]]
seduce me, seduces me, seduce me

{sparks fly knowing a surprise is on its way/friends of moonlight & magic/ superstition & prophecy/ at one with spirits alive}{every flame, tree, breeze, & stone}{love, health, wealth, & happiness}
Mahayana: Zakah: mmm
[{take me}]
i want U
2 be

[{take me away}]

[{take me}]
birdmad moth 020107
Van Morrison soul 020107
kim a group of people who intrigue you, steal or scam you out of money, then skip town.
however the belly dancers are quite entertaining, and fun to dance with.
i pretend to belly dance often. it is fun.
daxle cocaine 020115
Grievance gypsies call themselves something, and others something. I know one of the words is romanies. anyone know the other? 020115
Mahayana Although, the Romani people are often referred to as /"Gypsies"/ (and prefer to be called by their more proper designation, /Roma/), not all "gypsies" or nomadic peoples are Roma.

The Roma are descendants of the ancient warrior classes of Northern India, particularly the Punjab, and they are identifiable by their language, religion, and customs, which can be directly linked to those of the Punjabi in northern India.

the term Roma is used instead of Gypsies, because [it is what many of them call themselves].

There are groups of Gypsies who do not call themselves Roma:
the Sinti,
the Cale,
and the Romanichals,
for example.

The singular is Rom,
the plural Roma or Rom.
Romani is the language of the Roma.

Many peoples have also used Romani as an adjective meaning "of the Roma", as in the phrase "Romani society".

the Gypsies of Italy, sometimes are referred to as /"Rom and Sinti"/, since these are the two main groups living in Italy.

Gazho =(non-Roma) society

Spatzo (Vittorio Mayer Pasquale)

In the language of the Estrekarja Sinti, spatzo means "baby bird" or "sparrow", a nickname that recalls the sense of liberty often celebrated by this poet who spent many years of his youth in prison. Through his poetry, in opposition to the adversity of his fate, Spatzo shows us that he knew how to keep intact the Romani love of things simple and immediate.

We Gypsies have only one religion: freedom.
In exchange for this we renounce riches, power, science, and glory.
We live each day as if it were the last.
When one dies, one loses all: a miserable caravan just as a great empire.
And we believe that in that moment it is much better to have been a Gypsy than a king.
We don't think about death. We don't fear it; here is all.
Our secret is to enjoy every day the little things
that life offers and that other men don't know how to appreciate:
A sunny morning, a bath in the spring,
the glance of someone who loves us.
It is hard to understand these things, I know. One is born a Gypsy.
It pleases us to walk under the stars.
They tell strange things about Gypsies
They say they read the future in the stars
and that they posses love potions.
Most people don't believe in things they can't explain
We instead don't try to explain the things we believe in.
Ours is a simple, primitive life.
It is enough for us to have the sky as a roof,
a fire to warm us,
and our songs, when we are sad.
KindreDSpirit everything's coming up roses
(and daffodils)
misstree i'll take you
i'll take you
for anything,
i'll take you
and twist my tongue
around your hardened truths,
i'll take you
and show you the starlight in my eyes
and then send you on your way
so i can still dance.
yellow 5 if i could be any character in an adventure story, i'd be the queen of the gypsies. she can have any man she wants. she's the essence of freestyle living. what does she keep in her tent, i wonder? pretty scarves, and a plunder of gold and jewels, vials of potions and poisons, gifts from princes, a spellbook, a diary maybe logging her midnight trysts and lists of favors due and recipes for excellent minced goat meat pie... i don't know, really. but it would be fun to. 020418
Sailor Jupiter Gypsy rover came over the hill
down through the valley so shady.
He whistled and he sang till the green woods rang and he won the heart of a lady. (Cool old Irish tune)
lycanthrope he is no gypsy my father she said but lord of these lands all over 020418
HellBentWolf I've outgrown the whole idea, but it's a nice fantasy

i'll leave whenever i feel like it
werewolf still this stupid gypsy tongue that never knows where to stop. 040121
jinx My grandmother was part gypsy...that means I'm part gypsy too...originating from somewhere in Eastern Europe.

I like to think that's what genes came out in me's why I shake my hips the way I do. That's why I can never stay in one place. It's why I get restless so easily.

I will see the world.
belle de jour please let me go
please let me be free
please please please
You're hurting me
I cry every morning
Unchain me
Release me
Let me run away barefoot
Never looking back
what's it to you?
who go