psychobabe what is your fantasy?
One of mine is from the last concert here, when subnormal played. They were extremely good, and i hope to see them soon again. They sang the song "edema" which is the last off their album and what i saw was pure musical talent. All the members were into the music like none i've seen before. Struming the notes off the strings, beating of the drums and moveing the ground. And the singers voice. o00oo0ooh i could get lost in his voice forever. So talented, so breathtaking, so much like a beam of energy moving about the room going from one person to the next *swoons* i could get lost in that bands music forever and what i would want, is to hear the singer, sing that song to me. Just me, it would be heaven. His voice and the music and notes *swoons even more!* But when he performed, he was sitting real close to the ground, and when the guitarists started playing he stood up quick as if looking at someone who just entered the room. Giveing them full attention. He slowly bent down as if giveing a little bow to this person, and he looked up just the slightest way. 0ooo0oooh how i'd love to be that person, that being that he was so devoted to...*sigh* but that is just a fantasy. Heres the lyrics to the song..

went by the way
slid by the way-
you moved your tounge
I cant retain
i feel i've been left in the rain
and in your bones
you will despose
revbelieve and be set free
for what its worth
now you can see
and recieve
I tried to tell of lies
that you thought were real
nothing can ever reveal my pain
you cannot change all my ways
ever cause i will never be
what you want me to be
I cant retain, relent, repent
A real today
a reason here to start anew
I cant explain
I know theres so much left to do
and in your bones
you will despose
revelieve and be set free
for what its worth
now we compete
rebelieve and be set free
for what its worth
now we compete
leave the past all behind
and in your bones
you will despose
rebelieve and be set free
for what its worth
now we compete
leave the past all behind and recieve
take the rest
and you know you are
take your breath
you know
psychobabe dreaming 011118
rip one of my greatest fantasies is to do what ever the hell i want to do with out having parents or friends saying "NO DONT DO THAT". And let me live my own life and let me learn from my fuck ups 011118
psychobabe come on people we need responces 011119
Casey To have a great girlfriend who i can cuddle with and to be able to enter into the school I want and do the job I've always dreamed of and be good at it. 011119
Markopolo Does anybody have any kool fantasies? 011214
cube fantasies.
thinking on this for a moment and i realize that the older i get, the more my fantasies are lining up with reality.

or, perhaps it's reality which realigns the fantasies into something less fanciful and more like a week without clients' incessant demands or winning the lottery so as not to have to stress month ends.

my younger fantasies always involved sexy women. i've since found out that, given the right circumstances, all women are sexy. all women also come at a price - which tends to take the edge off the fantasy thing...
ClairE to not sleep alone anymore 011214
calypso calling in the ecstasy of each fantasy there lies a sadness--the knowledge that it is only a fantasy. 020103
snatch to fuck two men at once, feeling both cocks grinding together inside of my pussy 020207
snatch to go on a crime spree, murdering sick fucks who are poisonous to the world. i'd kick heads in, shoot bodies, and rob all the above so i could travel and kill some more 020207
bethany yeah i'd just like to have a dick
not that i'm a lesbian
it's just that i want a huge sex muscle, something more tangible than a venus mound, with lots of other little mounds with lot's of vagueness and indistinction. plus i read it in a playboy magazine in high school once and though, wow that's a pretty neat fantasy.

fpr real.... to live on a moutain, with a hot spring, chickens, my dog jude, an endless supply of paper and pens and pencils, weed, grow my own food, butcher my own bacon, and have a few hundred of my closest lunatics live in a simple minded smart intellectualy innovative secular life. oh yeah and there would be sex
misstree all with bethany on that first one,
but in more of a general life sense,

to have a couple of rooms in a couple of cities, to publish something, someday, to keep myself busy and not have to wear a suit-like thing and not have to waitress for my dime, and to travel. dear god, to travel.

someday, i'll see what an effin' mountain looks like.
sotto voce No matter how bizaare the premise each drugstore romance novel so blatantly reveals in airbrushed depictions of lust and desire on paperback covers, still, between each printed page, for those sun dried prunes in backwater boonie trailer parks, exist faint glimmers of hope that their wildest dreams of beauty, passion and escape might materialize into a reality and slowly swallow and replace the uglinesses of their present surroundings. 020213
Casey I find it to be a lot more fun than reality. 020213
lycanthrope fantasy as a buffer?
fantasy as a variation on distrusted themes?

i miss his face,
i saw the clouds,
and his face was there,
i wanted to hear words too,
so i stretched the most out
of a dead leaf lurching across
the pavement,
my backback was heavy,
i pretended i was a pallbearer,
and when it became too heavy for my arm, which numbed, i switched to my shoulders, and the leaf said it was proud of my shoulders, and called me seamus, soon that too wouldn't last, so i'd switch back to the arm and in this way i carried the bag without dropping it all the way to the car, where the cloud disappeared and the leaf trailed off.

I don't know if this is fantasy,
or a mistake i keep making because even with the regret, it brings consolation, a maintenance of life. It is not completely in my mind, or completely in the world but in between, and so if the clouds ask, i can let them be that, and they can raise me, and they can say what i know would be said.
Mae He comes
backlit by the sun
into my world
glowing white skin
deep blue,
a want to know me
to be with me
to share with me
all he is
and sees
and feels

I can't quite feel it;
it's a little too far away
from my touch
but I can see
how he would
hold me
look at me
see me
as the sun broke
behind him,
thirsty to know me,
pouring himself
into my life
just right
just enough
not too fast
but enough to fill
the void I have for him
nobody else

He's gentle
and intuitive
with an eye
for what is right -
and a heart
that understands
like my own

Kisses are but drops
like spring rain
that water my parched spirit
as it swells
with the desire to live
worship the air I can breathe
and when I no longer
remember to worship
and am spoiled with the bliss,
his presence in my life
helps to settle -
not crash -
to accept...

for I will have accepted
this great gift
and I will no longer worship
on my knees
but saya prayer
with each kiss
each look
each touch
thank you
for the gift
I accept
and cherish
Lindsey i want to lick water off your body in the shower. 030714
ClairE Lately I've been using the word to describe the thoughts I keep tucked inside my heart. I can't let myself believe much of anything anymore. Life truly does return you to where you began.

(Just a fantasy. All my hopes. Too fearful to say wish.)
breygris to find someone i could be ridiculous with.

and also to lick harvey or debbie's arms. heh.
Lila Pause A great way to pass the time.

Imagine if people could read all your dirty thoughts...
Imagine if they knew they had the starring role in all your fantasies...
(_) involves a kiss or
some other close touching
with him
and my startle reflex gone
just then if i could relax
into it and feel
lips against my own

a hug no falling
because you're safe
we would be together maybe
in a bubble of happiness
where sap seems beautiful

kiss would be liquid
shooting honey into my heart
and i wouldn't die from that
neither would he
from seeing how i am
as if he hadn't known

skin would banish fear
fingers steady all along a face
and they wouldn't mind
they wouldn't mind
but only love and want and care

the three emotions in the world
belledejour Him. It proably wouldn't work out, but hey, it's just a fantasy. 070325
truth i wasn't thinking that...
... i was... meaning... it more than...
.. i mean... feelings that strong... are scarey...

obsession is probably actually love ?
one doesn't wan to be "obsessed" it's a sickness apparently !

don't want to be cornered or name called for having feelings ! but it was a place i never trod before...
how could i have known what it was...
just that it made me feel high.

tablets dry out your mouth... i chew gum because of it. horrible.
. i'm a nutter

better make some t-shirts saying it.
backflip fair game

sexy little play doll are you a lesbian? i have fantasies about it. I really want a girl to eat me too! 070919
fuffle WHAT?
where the duck did that come from?
. AHAHAHA! That's some funny shit! 070920
one of many Fantasy isn't about sex. Fantasy is allowing yourself to believe that anything is possible. So maybe sometimes what you want to believe is that the girl next door would make out with you. But never limit yourself to that. If you refuse to think inside the box, even a box you built yourself, anything CAN happen. 071202
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