alkalinepixie i hate writing in pencil but days like these are days fer change. i can feel myself grow up and we're all growing and falling down and growing up again. don't tell me the answers i want to find them fer myself. some days you realize that people want you around and that the tears arent worth the time it takes to lay them down on tissues. he leaves in a half hour to be here but until then i want to go swing on the swings. so much of my happiness comes from me and and then so much of it comes from my friends. we're all in love and i don't want to go far away anymore unless yer coming with me okay? lets go now that we can stand up on our own.
i wrote that before everything went bad. maybe pencils are bad luck.
alkalinepixie i wrote it in pencil bcuz even then i knew it wouldn't last. 010421
mmm i don't like pencils, i wish i could take my computer w/ me to school. 010421
vampers thats what laptops are for hun 010421
mmm well some of us can't afford laptops, i barely had enough for this pos 010423
shorlove Caravaggio. 030422
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