gaudior "teach your children well..."

What a child is denied, the adult abhors.

A child unloved becomes an adult marked by hate.

A child uneducated becomes an adult driven by ignorance.

A child deprived of respect never respects anyone.

A child driven by fear never learns to stand up in courage.

A child exposed only to destruction has no beginning.
Sol reaching, stretching, hoping, striving, anticipating, following, altering, believing, trying, twisting, knowing, learning. 010507
pralines&cream I see it happening to you ... and it makes me smile 011228
kill rhythm growing_apart 020411
good people last night i was sitting in my room, stoned out of my mind, thinking about what it would be like if i was nine feet tall. 020412
ofsuch she is growing, day by day. it's a strange feeling, been so long since i've felt this way. makes me remember that the focus is not me, nor has it ever been. 090309
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