myfingersmells destruction is my laxative 010201
phil The world, at least from a human perspective, is getting destroyed daily. They take out things and put in things, but the things we people put in are worth much less than what we have taken out. We take out beauty and nature and memories, throw them away, in order to build something that people will give of little rectangle pieces of paper, and round shiny coins that are good for spinning. We need to change. Go take a look at something man made, like a wall, or concrete parking lot, and then look at the amazing things that were there before, art , thinking, meditation, home, love, blah blah blah, no wonder I am so depressed all the time, take a look around! Imagine the beauty of a clear lake! Or a cave, or a tree. These things just look ugly now, with a backdrop of houses. I am berserk with depression! 020212
phil if_the_world_was_black
(read by william shatner)
with the
staring back
my eyes
from fleeting
of falling light
whitechocolatewalrus destruction awaits
to blow us all away
destruction awaits
to trash all that is beauty
destruction awaits.
when nothing is everything
we will all understand the beauty of nothing,
the beauty of everything.
destruction approaches the world.
i await destruction.
pansy I’m here but your eyes are closedblind view
I scream but your ears are shutdumb voice
I guess that’s your spiritual & emotional handicapping destruction
dan moyer I have no weapons, my weapon is my wit 041211
refracted you've forced me to destroy everything

and i don't like it one bit

i had a good thing going

then you came along
fuckinupthepage I will gladly assasinate little bush 060922
what's it to you?
who go