rsdio ..and passion and love and justice and life and tenderness..

And something to believe in.
donaldson is too often confused with everything else 990604
Caren may be inside the human heart, but I'm convinced it's in the palm of my hand. 990924
David Truth is beauty. Money is beauty. How beauty is beauty somtimes? It's the luck of the draw. It's natural law. It's a joke. It's a crime 991001
pablo pretty is what you call someone when they look nice.
beautiful is what you call someone when you can't see them.
badboyxoxo something I don't have, at least I don't think I'm beatiful. But then what do I know 991128
clundicus You told me again you preferred handsome men
but for me you would make an exception
Zero If you could see for just a moment,
The beauty I see in you...your face,
Your mind, your laugh, your eyes, your smile, your soul, your heart, your sighs....
You would know what I feel, why it stays, and in the course of all our days, you would truly know I feel and what I see, for it's you that stirs the life in me...
snaggle Biomorphic aluminum. Oh wait, that was the plastalina. 991208
lizard found it all in the single flutter of the petal of an eyelid and the slight corners of the smile that is my world 991228
bane beauty does exist but not in the way everyone thinks. you can't just stumble on beauty, you have to find it in yourself. all that you see, hear, touch, smell, and taste is in your own mind. it is your imagination. you are beauty and the more beautiful you find the world around you then the more attractive a person you are. 000122
Tess once you admit it, they'll tell you about it. but, then again, i don't really know. 000205
power through passion An infinite complexity of form and substance reduced to elegant simplicity - a human body is billions of ugly unremarkable cells but together they are a thing of wonder for a few short years - until nature reclaims the body into its even greater whole... and that is beauty also. It could be love, a million and two biochemicals fizzing in the soul, but it feels simple and right and true. It could be a billion fiery nuclear furnaces with one simple planet where life exists - but all those fiery balls of gas were needed to make that one beauty we call our home. 000220
eve a beautiful young person is an accident of nature; a beautiful old person is a work of art.

i don't know about it though
Midnight Bliss lies within, they say. then why do ppl try to impress everyone else with their outer beauty if it doesn't really matter. ppl these days are so judgemental. why can't they just be accepting and openminded like some of us are. by being yourself, you are setting an example to others...accept the beauty of diversity.
embrace the beauty of individuality
Christy isn't found in a make-up case as my mother always told me, but in the spirit shining brightly through the porcelin mask. 000320
MollyGoLightly its only skin deep, some say. or way below the skin, according to others. platitudes and episodes of oprah will never keep me from furrowing my brow at mirrors. its the way of the world, i guess. 000320
Free Beauty ia all around us, waiting to be noticed. 000405
Free Beauty comes when there is love in your heart. 000405
wondergirl stop trying
to look closer,
and see
me beauty is holy and beauty is divine.
beauty is everlasting, beauty is
beauty is the only thing that is really
real: everything else is just a
quotidian illusion.

i love beauty, more than i could ever
but in words. i adore beauty.

but i feel seperated from it. whenever
i feel i have grasped it for a moment,
be it in friends, or girls, or nature,
or poetry, no sooner is beauty gone...

i miss it. but at least is still no
it is eternal and divine...
whirligirl imaginative truth 000630
giga phairy is in the eye of the beholder. 000719
psycho insomniac beauty is something within everybody who believes in theirselves. beauty can even be seen by the blind and warm the coldest heart. beauty is the little things about people that are seen by others as flaws. but beauty comes from inside. so if you judge someone from the outside, your missing out on the beauty of that person that cant be seen. 000903
FoxFire The only thing that keeps alive. 000923
FoxFire Echo's of beauty bounce in my mind.
Wrinkled Reflections of the pasted time.
Forget the pain.
Hold in the fears.
Act on the insane
Let out the tears
*starlette* beauty is within, it's true the eye of the beholder.
but some of you must be blind
if you can't feel that shiver
that a sunset sends
or sense the warmth
in the smell of snow

how can i
appreciate you
if you
can't understand? within
Cat ^.^ is the anguish in the silver icy sob, the sole crimson flush of an angrey dawn, the heart fluttering without more than a nudge from the other wise silent soul, the everlasting truth in life that claims the simplest of is a relaxed acceptence in life 001214
tazfab our sense of the matter is wrapped up in teenage traumas. there comes a point in adolescence when you start to imagine that some people are born with every molecule in place. every high school boasts its elite squad of lookers: sparkling teeth, merciless anatomy, sunny filaments of hair--even their cuticles are kind of interesting. between classes, they parade down the halls, trooping their supremacies like clydesdales. everybody else is supposed to feel like a waste of protoplasm. that sort of thing can complicate your feelings toward physical beauty for the rest of your life.

confident or not, this is what befalls all of us sonner or later.
skin gets papery.
spots appear on hands, arms, calves...we're no longer one smooth creamy surface.
hair, moisture, bosom disappear.
we start looking a little neuter in can't tell the girls from the boys.
a lot of that stuff can be fixed, thank god.
unhinged is a cloudless winter day

the buddhist philosophy that death is the beginning of life not the end...the 49 days after death are just a decent back to rebirth or an ascent to nirvana. the tibetan book of the dead makes so much sense to me.


a belly full of jack and coke jamming out with friends to your favorite band in the world

the stress relief of a joint

the look in someone's eye that you care deeply about when they finally realize to the extent that you care.
illya keats said it best:
truth is beauty, and beauty truth.

forget people for a moment. beauty is in god's creation; beauty is in human creation. beauty is in the fact that the world we live in works, despite its complexity.

see also: elegance.
Rhin ...and the beast 010110
moonshine melts 010110
Erin Beauty is different to everyone
From the wrapping of a gift
To a feather scarf
From freckles on someones face
To a person you see in the hall
From a battered old pair of shoes
To a green tree against a pale blue sky
From a lilac scented candle
To the misty rain outside
From you
To me.....In everything, there is someone who calls it pure "beauty"
moonshine Being and looking are two different things 010121
cat ^.^ Orange and purple and yellow and red and crimson and violet and cobalt and copper and gold and emerald and hope faith and love

beauty is God's grace that breaks our soul just so it will spring anew stronger than befor

and the good times WILL role on
Karen Beauty eminates from within. If the soul is true and pure, the one who possesses it will radiate a glow so blinding it will melt away any criticism. 010209
water nymph The simplistic innocents of us...i know now and so i love you more.........thank you for what you allowed me to see.
Farewell my love...
Hello my dear dear friend!
Sol Does she know
I hope but dont believe
even if she does does she care
firehunden in thyne eye be only.... 010303
nicolee beauty in your hands as you put them on in itself beauty in the shine of your eyes as you touch me...the beauty in this union skin to skin is sheer beauty... 010318
George F. In time all things show there beauty. Just as the inwardness of a helpless creature striving in a world of hunger, humility, and havic; there is a beauty of humbleness, heart, and homage. 010323
lost is in the eye of the beholder. most of the time thats not true because everyone looks through the same eye. 010323
Robin its everything I'm not
its everything I don't know how to show
its everything I can't say
because I'm not. ..
DanetteTN915 My mama said a lady ain't what she wears but what she knows. 010401
mmm her's is greater than any other i know. she makes me so happy, i love you becky 010401
lifeandlight deep in your eyes... 010403
crazyenglishman But you never called,
I waited for your call,
As rivers of suggestion
are driving me away....
like rain. is a whore, but she's all we've got. 010428
frank zappa Information is not knowledge
Knowledge is not wisdom
Wisdom is not truth
Truth is not beauty
Beauty is not love
Love is not music
Music is THE BEST . . .
Wisdom is the domain of the Wis (which is extinct)
Beauty is a French phonetic corruption
Of a short cloth neck ornament
Currently in resurgence . . .
rollins I know a woman who is a staggering beauty. Anatomically crippling.
It's not her fault. It's just the way she turned out. There's nothing
she can do about it short of dressing in a sack, and even then-wow, what
a sack. When I walk with her, tires screech. Personally it scares me.
I asked her what it was like being so beautiful. She took it as an
insult at first. I told her I really wanted to know. She said that she
gets threatened a lot. She gets told that she's a bitch by people she's
never met. She has been physically assaulted a few times by men. She's
been hit on by her dentist, neighbors, teachers, you name it.
What happens to her is an interesting spin on where society's at. If
you have something someone else hasn't got, you are admired, worshiped,
and hated. All at the same time. Those who are "beautiful" lose a lot
of their human rights. They are expected to be sheepish with wolves and
grateful to those who compliment them. They are supposed to be gracious
and good-natured about the way they are treated. They are supposed to
be objects: something to be looked at and wondered about. Do they eat
the same food as other people? Do they get lonely? No way, they're
beautiful. Beautiful people are never lonely because everyone wants to
be with them. Some people see beauty as some kind of talent, like the
talent of a musician or a painter. What a burden.
In a way I feel sorry for my friend. She takes a lot of undeserved shit
from people. She also happens to be one of the kindest and most
sensitive people I've ever met. She knows several languages and has
great taste in music. These attributes make her attractive to me.
I asked her what she likes in a man, in order of importance.
Intelligence, a sense of humor, and kindness were highest on her list.
She said nothing of how Mr. Right looked. I asked her about that and
she said it would be great if he was handsome, but it wasn't all that
important. Maybe that counteracts what gets said when the normal guy
walks by with the stunning woman. One guy says to the other, "He mustbe rich."
ilovepatsajak my uncle who lives in france has this freckled pot belly that gets burned by the sun because he never wears a shirt.
to me, that's beauty.
FreakFly One true beauty I have in life.
Standing next to her I'm warm inside.
On my knee I look at her face.
I grasp her hand to take her away.
Trembling my heart pounds aloud.

Becki, I ask her to be my wife.
To her rules in life I will abide.
She has intelligence, and grace.
I'll make her happy till the end of day.
I make no mistake to make her proud.

Why does love feel like a knife.
How did we get on this terrible ride.
Are her feelings gone, not a trace.
What have I done who can say.
Is beauty in life really just a cloud.
birdmad could i ever convince her of her own? even though it isn't what drew me to her
(clever and charming even when she's being a little bit least i think so)

it stands in such stark contract to my own dearth of it

(you've heard me say before that my mirror is no friend of mine)

ClairE is in the eye_of_the_beholder.



(I bet I beat Annie!)
Annie111 i would like to be beautiful. i would like to stop a room, and leave mouths ajar and hearts on the upbeat.

Sometimes I can, but maybe it's just in my head.
indust is never skin deep.

god i love goths
indust is never skin deep

god i love goths
calypso calling i see beauty leaking from cesspool places... tumbling down from plastered faces... coming together in familiar spaces... lacking any truthful traces. 020103
hannelore I am often told that I am 'so beautiful'.
Some would say what a wonderful compliment that is.
I see it different.
Why can't people tell me how intelligent and intriguing I am.
I don't want to be known for beauty, for it is only a physical characteristic that my parents blessed me with.
I have travelled the world, studied foreign cultures...why aren't people intested in my life, rather than my appearance.
I have so much to share with people, but it seems to me that people only want to use me as their trophy.
ClairE It always strikes me as funny when people say "I love beauty". Do you know anyone who hates it? 020104
kelli crane is something i possess. a gift that is a blessing and a curse at the same time. It has given me joy but this gift must be returned as the years go on. I don't want to give it away...yet I don't want it taken from me either. I have no choice in the matter. Beauty is always on my mind...and it should be in my mind. 020112
sleepyconnie beauty. whats good of it anyways if everyone hates you for it. when i look into the mirror, i see someone attractive, but not beautiful. when i walk down the street,i get stared out but im so used to it it doesnt even bother me anymore. in fact, i loved the way i looked. but what good is it if the people that are closest to you hurt you the most because they are envy or jealous of your physical exterior. i cant help the way i look. yet its the way i loook which causes people to not like me. bc something in them drives them to jealousy or selfishness and in the end, im always hurt. what good is beauty if your best friend hates you for it. and she treats you like shit bc she thinks you are perfection. im not perfection. in fact, im far from it. no one is perfect. especially not me. i dont ask to be put on a pedestal, yet i am. in more ways than one. why do people look at me and see beauty and perfection. and they ask me how do i do it. how am i so perfect. well i dont know bc i dont feel that i am. and they think you lead the perfect life because you have something they think they dont have themselves. beauty. what good is it.. if i come home at nite and cry myself to sleep. what good is it, if i feel like an object, what good is it, if your best frens turn their back on you bc they envy you so much.

what good is it?

beauty is from within and when it shines through,
there is beauty on the exterior.

beauty is from the within.

but what good is it.
cube The grass is always greener, they say. You should thank your lucky stars you were born beautiful. I'm sure it's worse over in the 'ugly' column...
optic discretion Beauty lies within the eye of the beholder as someone once said. Beauty comes from within and no outward beauty can match the glow of a kindled spirit and a selfless heart. 020127
carne de metal seeing a girl riding a bicicle 020208
carne de metal seeing a girl riding a bicicle distracted 020208
donaldson The ugly must get a bit more done in a day, don't you think? 020315
*Colleen* It's how you feel inside 020602
blown cherry I'd like to
out my
of any small amounts of beauty
that may
remain there...

...and give it all to you.
Joy Luck I am beautiful and so are you 020720
oak barrel is misleading, decietful, unfaithful, and terrible. 020826
Matt is hard to find in people, but when you do, let them know every day of your life. beauty is what you see in a loved one. it's something that can't be bought. true beauty makes you feel great about yourself, even if it's not you who is beautiful 021011
still sitting here pondering i know someone 021027
blown cherry I'm straining my neck to catch a glimpse of the sun.
Just a sliver of sunlight to penetrate and warm my heart.
phil i just read that 030313
joda It's all rearranged:

Carry me softly in this womb,
I give this part of me to you.
I'd like to fly ,
But my wings have been so denied.
You don't understand who they
Thought I was supposed to be.
Look at me now, I can't let myself be.

Down in a hole and they've put all
The stones in their place,
I've eaten the sun so my tongue
Has been burned of the taste,
I have been guilty
Of kicking myself in the teeth
I will speak no more
of my feelings beneath...
FightBack Between Inner and Outer Beauty
read this concept i call it
if the period is
1.short u focus on the OUTSIDE
2.Intermediate u focus on both the
Inside + Outside
3.and if its Long u should
Definetly give your most attention to
the INSIDE(content)....
beauty is the most complicated concept to grasp. beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yes, but it is also only skin deep. beauty comes in different shapes in sizes, beauty comes with emotion. it makes you want to live, and it makes you want to die. beauty is lethal and nessacary.
drinman And I think I knew then
What I can only wonder at now
You were too beautiful
And it was too much
And now I've been reduced
To simply worshipping
As graved images
The stills
You stole
Of our scenes.
And maybe I can't get back
What was never mine
If all we ever had
Was our love
Each other
And time
But just so you know
My memory has not faded:
Even now
At the mere thought of you
I get lost in your eyes
Again and again
Your beauty remains too much for me to take in all at once.
ferret fuck beauty, fuck it all away... 031114
smurfus rex I can't remember who said this, so if you know, please remind me...

"She is not loved because she is beautiful, she is beautiful because she is loved."

But I do know that it was Joan Rivers who said, "No female comedian was beautiful as a child."
oblivionmachine in mud. 031201
Lemon_Soda Beauty is beauty.

no definition given here will ever do it justice, save to its writer, and even that I highly doubt.
Love Is All You Need something i believe in. not a thing, not something tangable or clear but a part of someone, some thing, a moment 031208
Princess Butterscotch the Fateful all beauty must die. 040107
kat for beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror, which we are still just able to endure
and we are so awed because it calmly disdains to destroy us

-rainer maria rilke, duino elegies
orangine everything i love is ugly 040217
flyonthewall beauty is in the eye of the beholder 040217
<3 i find it most beautiful
when something finally makes sense
when a song infuses you with passion
when someone flashes you a smile
when you finish a long story
when you dream about someone you love, and feel fullfilled again
when a reaction is truthfull
when your hand is taken and you are lead
and when you can lie in silence and have conversations with your eyes
justin_mac_stud beauty is only a light switch away 040405
elisabeth42 I see it in each of us. I see it in you. 040523
JdAwG A Great man once said, "Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly runs right to the bone."
Wait, I lied. it wasn't a great man. It was my dad. He's were I got my sense of humour from.
Borealis you are truly beautiful
..yes you..
your eyes speak to the true capacity of your mind..whether or not you'd be willing to believe it.
Kimmyness "LoVe mE fOr My iMpErFeCtIoNs"

you will only be beautiful when you admit it that you are to yourself.
pete over used, she said this word was.

but if it hasn't be used on you, then it has yet to be used at all, i thought.

maybe one day i'll be able to say it. i am afraid that this will turn out like the other.
pete what do i love?
what do i believe in?

argh. take the platonic covers away, leave the philosophers behind. let me run free between the tall cedar trees of my home in ontario in peace and tranquility for at least another day sometime soon.

what do i love?
what do i believe?

only what is, my dear, and that is beauty.
lucky Your heart is laced with that of only the truest beauty. 040809
headover Transient, unimportant, foolish
like flowers that wilt under sunlight
here today, gone tomorrow...
but worth dying for
gus grissom especially when they're like, beautiful and HOT! 040916
love & hate Is what i see when i think of katie, when i see her, when i smell her, when i touch her, when i sense her. That is all i see. Through all the shit we have gone through, and all the hard times we've endured, all i see through that thickened smog is her beauty which shines so brightly it keeps me awake at night and i cannot sleep. For she is truly beautiful, in body, mind and heart. 040917
Splinty barely even friends, then somebody bends unexpectedly... dont you love that line? Has a certain je ne sais quoi... well to me and my gay friends... 041223
slipperyonetimelover beauty you speak of,
i am made of words.
i am hidden behind a veil of
andru235 perhaps everyone is stunningly beautiful for at least 10% of their life, and ugly for at least 10% of their life and plain for 10% of their life, the remaining 70% varying from person to person.

i've seen some beautiful people look suddenly ugly, and ugly people look suddenly beautiful. i seem to look differently every day, without changing my appearance.
sweet little nihilist princess I cling onto what little beauty I have jealousy like a war veteran to his tarnished medals because I know how fucking fickle and brutal the world is. People are more tender towards those who are beautiful. And as it disolves you become just another beast. Noone will pick you out of a crowd. You have to labour with careful and precious words to win other's affection. You have to throw them 10,000 smiles a day just to get them to stay. 050426
z is everywhere 050426
reue the star-filled sky
on a cloudless night
off the coast of spain
Purnima Aiyar Beauty is power 050804
mous beauty is confidence. and vice-versa. 050804
sisyphus isn't a call to truth just a
paper airplane and a few kids
wondering why it can't fly
or maybe
a few old men arm
wrestling in the sun

it's a purely human venture
filled with sweat and
smelling of rot
so maybe that's why we like
perfume so much.
nickapocket beauty is but an illusion people infactuate themselves with but it is not a true vision of yourself...
your beauty is a mask, thus you hide behind it believeing others will instantly like you.
With your instant beauty you will twist fate into working how you wish it shall, even if you hurt those not so concered about thier apparenec as you are, if you concern yourself with it too much it will consume you
thirtycakes i am a very happy person.
because i, like salma hayek, can see beauty in everything. i can find beauty in a broken smile, blinded eyes and crooked noses.
life is beautiful.
ego hum engenders love

or love.....
ego hum and love 221028
ego hum beauty? 221028
ego hum ...engenders... 221028
what's it to you?
who go