typhoid 2.
such and odd number.
such, such and odd number.
unhinged all of us separate we sat around watching the pair
it made me more sick than sober
my mind altered to a frenzy state
all my shortcomings wantings right at the surface
we sat around watching the pair
clumsy and alone
while they fumbled their stone hands across each other
and we turned our heads away
they came up for breath and smiled at us
it was one of those things i just thought
"that did not just happen; no way"
but pairs are like that i guess
somewhat indivisible
fanta pairs . . . of people
it shouldn't be . . .
why do we get into relationships?
why do we insist on pairing off?
wouldn't we all be better off alone?
wouldn't it be safer?
wouldn't there be less pain for everyone?
the only things that should come in pairs are socks
and even they don't last long
if you put them through the dryer
freakizh in pairs the living beings were welcomed to noah's ark.

i drowned.
niska today he said, 'you & me kid, make a pretty good pair.'

it's things like that, that i can't wrap my mind around, and still i fully understand and appreciate it.
what's it to you?
who go