~gez~ i feel incased in sad thought and mad dreams. in a wrap of pain and despair, depressing. i apoligise, my inner most thoughts and feeling are not a laughing matter my friends, so do not.

who am i kidding. life rocks
saz your arms around me cause im afraid 030512
Piglet Wrapped up in clingfilm. Dude my penis looks fucked up. 030512
oE wrap ya'll cares in a burnin' blanket and throw it up into the white wall of the s k y...

"sometimes..(heavy sigh)oh i just don't know..i just kinda get this feelin'.." (another heavy sigh, her breasts heave extravagantly, though not in a prurient way..but you can't not help note it's movement)"..kinda lak the whole whirl is just all kinda bundled up..sumpin' just ain't right wid me. Sumpin ain't just raght wid the world. You know Tommy?.."
what's it to you?
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