jennifer Jolie working in the retro, talking to Mark, while store is empty. When male customers come in, Mark holds the dressing room door open slightly, and Jolie makes some comment to the fact that he is abusing his power. 991209
josie I HAVE to buy some milk,
& cookies *I LOVE COOKIES*
Brad Miles Davis could say more with one note than most cats said in their whole lives, with all their notes put together. 000626
Maria Joshua,
I still have them:
the box of notes i wrote to you.
I hoped you would be here this year,
so you could read them,
so I wouldn't have to write you notes.
But you won't be.
Will you ever come back?
Are you gone forever?
Or maybe you were never here.
You are here:
you never left.
You have always been in my heart,
and I will always be in yours.
I promise.
I love you.
Joana. My soul came apart like an empty jar.
It fell overwhelmingly, down the stairs.
Dropped from the hands of a careless maid.
It fell. Smashed into more pierces than there was china in the jar.

Nonsense? Impossible? How should I know!
I’ve more sensations now than when I felt I was all me.
I’m a litter of shards strewn on a doormat about to be swept.

My fall raised a din like the crash of a jar.
The gods that exist lean over the banister,
Staring down at the shards their maid left of me.

They’re not mad at her.
They indulge her.
What was Ian empty vase?

They stare at the shards, absurdly conscious,
But conscious of themselves, not of the shards.

They stare down and smile.
Indulgent, they smile at the heedless maid.

The big star-carpeted staircase spreads out.
A shard is shining, glossy side up, among the stars.
Is it my work? My one and only soul? My life?
A shard.
And the gods squint at it, not knowing why it got left there.

{Álvaro de Campos, 1929}
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evolutionending note to self:
forget about helen
rollins make a note that standing on the autobond at 3 in the morning is not as great as several thousand other things i've done in my life. 010809
Toxic_Kisses I wanted to leave a note in her OD (Open diary) but as I sat their ready to type all I could think of saying is "I Really Like you!!!" witch had absolutely nothing to do w/ her entry. *L* oh man this is horrid and its all my fault (But than again isn’t everything?) hopefully after some sleep I'll be able to think clearly enough and piece together a note that wont betray me. 020216
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