End Is Forever cras amet qui numquam amavit quique amavit cras amet 020106
vette he who has not loved, will love tomorrow, he who has loved, will love again 020106
A Viking In Peru JAR is a place I once lived. JAR is a place where they knew me; a place where I could be safe; a place where I could let my mind run.

And then the others came.

I abandoned JAR, my home, the place I had lived for so long. I abandoned, and lived happily in another world.

JAR is calling to me. JAR is calling me back. But I am afraid to tred those shores once more. I am afraid to even cast one longing look.

Will they still know me there? Will I still know the world?

I don't know what to do.
birdmad Salesman comes to the door of a run down house in a crummy neighborhood and knocks on the door.

A grotesque looking kid comes and answers, to which the salesman, ever the professional hides his horror.

"Hey Kid," The salesman says, "Can i speak to your mom?"

"Sorry, my mom's in a mental hospital."

"Jeez, okay, may i speak to your dad?"

"Nope, sorry, dad's in prison."

"Hmm, well, do you have any other family members?"

"Umm, i have an older brother, but he's at Harvard."

"Now, let me get this straight, kid, your mother's in a mental hospital, your father's in prison, what's your older brother doing at Harvard, of all places?"

"He's in a jar."
crimson I was taught to keep all of my screams in a jar
Fill it up up up to its brim
But I have also been taught to
Pull back and let go
Sending one billion unheard exclamations flying
To hit the ground and shatter
Into one billion glittery glassy shards
Just sharp enough to heal old wounds
xyz Alice in Chains got the name for their album "Jar of Flies" from a highschool experiment in which several flies were placed into two jars, one jar with food and the other without. After a while, the flies without food began to eat eachother. 031103
sidewinder jar - what was it? a fly in a jar. no. jar of. '...like a fly in a jar of shadows.' 031108
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