volatile Who can heal the wounds in my soul, the wounds that bleed with fear for the pitiness of humankind?
I see no other than God...
Freak The wounds you see on my skin run deeper then you can see. They show the inside that is trying to run away yet can't escape me. If this is how im trying to heal, I will be a neverending wound.

I just need a chance.......a moment......a time to heal.
fucked once too often Whether it be a mouth ulcer or a
stab wound in the soul

all wounds take time to heal
nate But time alone does not heal wounds, you also need the right preparation.

Time makes an uncleaned wound fester.
fucked once too often good point nate 021107
A P C one more medicated, peaceful moment 030314
eclecticsynesthesia can? thyself
i splintered tilt
i tip and myheart cries not yet
don't out me don't say open
him and her is problem to be with one
and ignorer knowing now what
there and they not saying
s'ok s'ok like i would if i were they
what's it to you?
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