mad madame mim Born To Run
Né pour courir
La tristesse tranquille des gens du nord
Résonne silencieusement autour de lieux tristes et gris
Des extases que l’on a pas osées tremblent
Sur les bords de frustrés coincés et respectables
Qui se saoule pour oublier ce qui ne s’est jamais passé
Visages courageux
Des esprits bien comme il faut au bord du suicide
Esprits sur l’ardoise grise écrémée, navire de guerre gris
Gris souffrance
Et je me retrouve
Plus au sud, sans domicile
Me voici globalement transformé, échevelé
Oh chérie, c'est de ma faute
Une espèce d’antithèse
Et pourtant liés l’un à l’autre
Désespérément amoureux
Avec l’inévitable perte
Et la fin
Comment échapper à soi-même
miniver My cat goes crazy over "Devil Man" for some reason. And sometimes that Pacman song, too. That's fun.

He's a white manx who may be insane. I named him "Hubble", at first. Then I started calling him "Little Man". Then I fell back on plain old "Kitty" for a while. Now I call him Kitty-butt, most of the time. "Hey, Kitty-butt". Or interesting combinations of swear words, if I'm mad at'im.
If you cant find anything to run_away from then why not something to run too?
moonshine The more you try to catch me the more I'm going to run. 001205
ran livneh rn ran ! run !
he's coming !!
orbst See Spot run. Run, Spot, run! 010130
window to the horizon 010201
Annie111 We all run from things that won't really hurt us in the end. 011220
ClairE I'm always running towards something.
Can't I ever have someone running towards me?
Mahayana: Zakah: Sangha Jewels of Refuge ive spent so much time
that i didnt realize
all that i have never
*really* realized

i could feel it
i could feel it
before i saw her

what i realize now
is that i got so caught up
in running
that i didnt realize
that i didnt realize

[i ran right through you]
tobin A lot of blather. Question is, how does it run , what makes it tick ? 020111
Mahayana ...lola run

[[throbbing throbbing techno score]]
[franka potente in this movie is so]
the one i have to run home so i can get some taco johns and then run to work. Life sux. 020111
ClairE I'm glad pantyhose is supposedly out these days. 020111
E] something you get in stockings.

something I was born to do, only just away.
Eowithien something you get in stockings.

something I was born to do, only just away.
Dustin If I could run away from everything I am and everything that I will become, I would......if only I could......I can't run because my body won't let me, it's as if my feet are chained to the ground, preventing me to move....i lift one foot from off the ground but can't seem to make my legs work........I stand motionless wondering why I am so hopeless....yes, I am hopeless.......what would running achieve anyway?? Running won't make everything just go away and make everything alright..........running is pointless....maybe it's a good thing that my legs won't allow me to run.??/ Who knows......nothing will be achieved from running away from myself anyways.....* 030511
*silent screams I wanna run away from everything and hide until it all disappears... yet I want to run to you more.

I wanna run away from the feelings and emotions that are haunting me, yet I wanna let everything out and let you know how I feel more.
blue star (aka crazy shit) i want so very much to run... maybe go to westwood ct nw. Maybe go to St. Cloud... but only until noon. After that I'm sure they'll have given up. What's wrong with me? I agreed to go. I'm just crazy, paranoid, whatever you want to call it, all that crazy shit, that's me. 030513
achenar from the hatred? from the fear? from someone you once knew?

to finally get away

in circles?
drinman "Don't run away from me," she said.
"You'll only lose yourself."
Eowithien ...towards the sun and never let it set on me. 040106
pansy I can’t walk anymore
I run
Run away from my
present and past
madly looking
for the future
to come
and I’ve lost myself
in favour of others
and I’ve gone
april n with_scissors. 040207
smileygirl have you every looked up the word run in a dictionary. the definition is like a page and a half long. i never knew such a short word could have so many uses. 040225
imaskitzo when I was younger and drinking on the school hill, sometimes the cops would come... it felt like you could run forever 040323
kookaburra you can run away from your problems. the only problems that you cant run away from are asthma and paralysis.

"problems only catch you when you stop running"
her royal highness the quirk god i want to run away from him. why won't he leave me alone. it wasn't even his fucking car but it still scared the shit out of me. why is it that even after all this time, after all the shit that's happened, he can still get to me. i haven't heard from him or seen him in months but he still has that power over me. when will it ever stop? 040423
Pink Floyd Tired of lying in the sunshine staying home to watch the rain.
You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today.
And then one day you find ten years have got behind you.
No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.

So you run and you run to catch up with the sun but it's sinking
Racing around to come up behind you again.
The sun is the same in a relative way but you're older,
Shorter of breath and one day closer to death.
lou_la_belle run
run away
run far away
run very far away
run very fast; far away
run very fast, go far away
go very fast, run far away

you better leave
this isnt good
stop it now
before things get worse
rage running hurts so many people

yet its the people that hurt me, and make me want to run

dont blame them, its me, and the people that care when they shouldn't. why would you care about a dirty fuckup?

i could run away screaming, but i know that i'll still be there when i stop, the one thing i cant escape is the one thing thats killing me

but it would help to get away from all this shit that i really dont need
Forming Mind We all hide and we all run. To end back to what we found to be running from. To keep in the circle until we see the pattern. To see that the running is natural but the knowledge is never ending. Keep it in mind. Let us be open. Let us know to laugh. Run from running. But run to stay behind. 041211
pete the sight begins beneath the shade of the maple and oak trees. roots ripple in the dappled shade, eyes locked forward focusing on the peripherals beneath a cerulean sky. her mind exploding before his light, the fragments cast shadows on ihs soul and struck his resolve like shrapnel, lost in the moment. the pain became life and love is it turned him deeper towards her purest heart. the way beneath the shadows, between the sun and his child, and the love of heaven's deepest laughter, a morning born in the mists that rise from when her hidden eyes first visited his. 050817
pete its a lovely day for a run, along the river and through the trails. here and there the water rises above its banks, but there and here it recedes again.. 070420
? why is the rain black ? 070420
Sahba it comes now,
the day you wait for
the sun is rising above the horizon
your feet waiting to run,
she is the sand you can never hold onto
the wind blows her far
but you run
all you can do is
Lemon_Soda truth, my Dear....that is truth. 080306
dafremen (a song)

Fields are green
but in between
the grass is gone

And now I see
our dearest dreams
gone wretched wrong

If I run
will I get away?
If I keep on keeping on
will I keep anything?
If I stick a-round
what sort of warnings
would I weather?
If I should run
will there be open skies forever?

(end chorus)

Fields are green
the ones I've seen
since I've been gone.

A waking dream
playing out between
sojourner's songs.

If I run
can I get away?
If I keep plugging away
will I do anything?
If we used our heads
and maybe put them all together
could we walk to run to fly?
Would there be open skies for ever?

If I run
will I get away?
If I keep on keeping on
will I keep anything?

If I run
can I get away?
If I keep on keeping on
will I do anything?

If I run
will I get away?

If I run?
deb My heart leaps from within
jumping to safety
upon the ground
flopping about wildly
in this cold and dusty place

I want nothing more
than to run away
from me

I keep expecting to wake
any moment
in a cold sweat,
and realize this is all a dream...
but there is no solace.

I crumble
in a heap
in the corner

And you sit
as you gaze upon
your handiwork

Are you happy now...?
what's it to you?
who go