look around.
lean over and look through your legs at the clouds in the sky behind you. They were once over your shoulders, and now inverted in front.

and then look at me once more.
roxy i'll scratch yours and you'll stab mine. 000209
sadgoat The Creator gave us all backs so we could share scratch scratch. 000209
birdmad the spaces between our ribs allow us to effectively double as cutlery racks 000420
Brad Brad is back and in effect. My computer died. It was a boof. I was boofed. But i am back!!! let the fun begin. 000601
MollyGoLightly hoo-rah!

brad will rule the e-universe! we will be like mothra and godzilla. that means we have to have a throwdown. who will win? only the bellies know for sure.

(hey brad, if you ask me how my day was today i am going to rant at you for awhile. keep that in mind.)
moonshine I bought a painted picture . blotches and splashes. quarreling colors. I wonder if he ment to paint hippos and faces sitting on cities and underpriced bridges. Two fifty so you can have your fill,Mr. Street painter. Procter and gamble kills. 000602
Splinken i like skinny backs and strong backs.

mine holds me up when stand at the menu computer at work. and when the cooks yell for me from the kitchen when i've entered something the wrong way.
gwyllynne ....when lovers turn their back with cold icy resentment directed at me who once gave them so much joy is the monster really who i see before me as i gaze into tis shattered mirror disciplined i was brought to my knees and i will never forget the smell of those whips brandishing me, leather to skin, producing that intensity which is sooo craved..... 000706
pETAH to front 001222
Erin its so sensitive and when u touch the one you loves back you feel soooo close---- I love it....the bones the way you can tell when its tense ahhhhhh I need a massage 010225
Chrity go to:
alegra you told me today that if i was there i could walk on your back. you said that would feel good.

i think feeling your body move under my feet, the quick shift of skin...slipping over muscles...trying to keep my balance there....

i'm thinking it would feel just as good for me.
.. in black. 010418
billy no mates i see your back from the front always
i see the hatred in your laughter
i see you do what suits you and your egos
bathed in your turn
Bullet7_62 Its behind YOOOOOOO!

oh yeah, AC/DC - BACK IN BLACK - what a killer song and album.
jesse tell them all she wont be back
cause she needed a change
turned away from her fears
she's been falling down
tell them all shes gunna be
just listen to me
cause she needed the friends
because she will always be
cause she will always know me...
wordseller OH YEAH
big time!!

took me hours to finally find this page again!! I was here like a year or 2 ago and forgot all about it, suddenly remembered but forgot it's addy! so I searched for words I thought will be somewhere in the addy like:
nothing, ramble, babble, random and then after hour I saw the word "blather" and remembered, then looked the word "blather" in yahoo and found it! thanks yahoo!
mirimirimiri thanks yahoo indeed. 011023
ilika i love it when guys kiss my naked back... mmmmmmm 011028
bloody potato chip crack pipe ow! hot! crack pipe! 011220
ClairE and forth

i really think your hips will drive me
and backs are such a wondrous place to have to hold onto
when you're out of your mind
Mary black aka. hannah back stabber
i just want kilty 2 leave other girls alone plus me
swear swear swear i don't understand this....i have words, but never have any 2 give 2 anyone
i wish i could understand this
misaligned baby got this 020201
R. If my back won't stop aching, I'll start screaming. I promise. 020315
blown cherry One of the most beautiful parts of the body.
Soft, gentle lines run together to form strong but elegant muscles.
The way it arches and curves.
The way it tingles when one touches it oh so delicately.
Bordered by other such beauties as the rounded arcs of the bottom, the shoulders sweeping up to become the neck, and the gentle, teasing curves that peek out on either side on a woman.
silentbob so i guess blather's back 020327
god there i sat, back to fish 020327
Syrope yea, gosh, i thought i was gonna die. i kept trying to submit my ramblings and...AUGH
Kate Five girls laid across a tan fuzzy hotel blanket on a sloping grassy hill under a strong shady tree on a hot, sunny June afternoon. Adjectives fail to describe our mutual excitement and nervousness as we rested and enjoyed the hours before your race. You laid on your stomach next to me, sleeping intently. Perhaps you were thinking about the state titles, or maybe your mother's condition. I was not tired and I turned my head to watch you as you slept. Your back looked so delicate, the vertebrae strong, and the curve purposeful. After much contemplation I traced out a message with my pointer finger: You can do it. She smiled and thanked me, and the sun kept shining. 020609
CrAzYpInKmOnKeY khia
"my neck my back"
that song is sooo awesome
angie holla back
i got yo back
sirflaccid It is one of the most beautiful parts of the human body. Though a back is so hard to take care of, it is the center of all that is you.

How many times have you wished you could just reach that place that itches. Maybe it is impossible to reach that one spot while taking a shower. Its difficulty of care is what makes it so precious. So precious that it takes two people to care for it properly. A kiss, rub, touch, or breath it can ache for all of those things. Name another part of you body that requires so much but recieves so little.

They are truely are amazing things. Sit and watch someone's back. It will show you emotion. A shrug of the shoulder, a quick twist to the left, or a slow roll of extacy show its version of a thought.
beorn it stings with the pain of a thousand things in the past
covered in blood it only got hands when i got hugged
i said i would never turn back
and i didn't
so my back takes the wrath of my past
tori please go away. i'm too weak i will take u back, so turn ur back and walk away. 031115
her royal highness the quirk and so i return to blather filled with the need to remove my brain and wash it out. i come to find solace in the blue beyond. how familiar you are. how i've missed you. 040526
JdAwG Sometimes it feels like you've turned your back to me, and I really don't like it. When you look away, it feels like you're in a whole other world that I know nothing about and am not invited to see. 040626
gja you cant get something back from blather 070320
Doar just doing my part to rid the world of spam...

hm....riddled spam.....gargle...

Strand Ellipsoid Dionysian 070815
words words 090416
unhinged take blather back from what? from who(m)?

blather never went anywhere. maybe your creativity left you, but blather has always been right here.
Risen I'm back in the blue nowhere.

I think I come here when I have nowhere else for my words to go and I feel like I'm overflowing.
oren ... in_the saddle again. 140221
alvarny It is good to be back in this wherever... somehow. 140423
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