Q Come on! The hour is awfully late. Don't you think it should be possible to turn the shower of affectionate concern about that off soon, Ms. Pretty Please? 000204
Joseph alot can happen in an hour. if you try 010822
celery or even if you don't 010822
sylphide It only takes an hour to get to know someone. 030414
sylphide day 030414
anythingbutcryptic in a hour i will see him. im so nervous. i cant eat anything. im worried he will think im ugly. i wish i knew what he was thinking. what he really looks like. i looked at myself in the mirror and i couldnt breathe properly.

in the car and in five minutes i will see him. my thigh is shaking uncontrollably. i dont feel like myself. mother told me to have fun. she thinks im meeting a friend. he is a friend. i just havent met him in real life before.

i shut the car door and said thanks for the ride mum.

i was walking to the station.

when i walk down the escalator i will see him. i want to run away.

when i walk ... walk.... across... from...

the... esssscccccccuuuuuuuu
laaaaattttttttooooooooor please time go slower
go slowerrrrrrrr

from the esculator
fucking hell
fuck, fuck , fuck
when i turn this courner

i mean corner

in a second i will see him
what's it to you?
who go