jennifer (Daytime.) Jennifer is walking to a workshop (?) and she (literally)
runs into Binkie. It's mainly his fault, so she hits him with her
magazine. She stops when he says her name.
Jennifer: (looks at him) Binkie? Wow. It's been a while.
Binkie: Yeah it has, hasn't it?
There's a long, awkward pause, and both act kind of embarrassed, as if
something happened between them that the audience is unaware of.
Jennifer: So...
Binkie: So... I... um... came out last Christmas... to everyone.
Jennifer: Oh, really? I wish I had the guts to do something like that.
How'd it go?
Binkie: Well, I had to move in with my brother.
Jennifer: Ouch, that bad, huh? So your mom...
Binkie: I haven't seen her since then.
Jennifer: Wow, I'm sorry.
Binkie: Don't be. I mean, it was tough, but I had to do it sometime.
But my biggest concern now is finding a place to live.
Jennifer: Wait a minute. I thought you lived with your brother. I
thought he was cool with it.
Binkie: Oh, he's totally cool with it, and he supports me in whatever I
do. It's just that's he's getting married in a few months.
Jennifer: Oh, I'm sorry. Well, not that your brother's getting
married... sorry for you. Well, tell your brother congrats for me.
So, what's she like... the bride I mean?
Binkie: Actually, you'd probably like her. She looks a lot like you,
only pretty.
Really long, uncomfortable pause. Jennifer is speechless.
Binkie: Oh, Jen. I'm sorry... I... didn't mean to... oh, I'm sorry. I
mean, you are pretty... it's just that... I didn't mean to...
Jennifer: (softly) Yes, you did. Or you wouldn't have said it. I'd
better go.
Binkie: Don't, sweety. I'm sorry.
Jennifer: (shakes her head) I'm late for a workshop anyway.
Binkie: (forces a meager smile) See you at mainstage?
Jennifer nods reluctantly, not wanting to meet him there. She leaves.
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