charles killing me softly. 991103
evolutionending HesSimpleHesDumbHesThePilot 001129
sphinxradio you are so gentle when you hold me
lips so soft when we kiss
yet such a sense of security
radiates from you
Patty audra-flowers

i have some flowers
that i wanted to give to you
i picked them from the garden
far away where noone will notice they're gone

i want to walk up to your
to your window and knock softly
and hand them to you one at a time
till your arms are filled
squint softly she screams
and rips at her face
in a salon mirror
across from the therapist's office.

the idiot broke his tooth on lunch and so the appointment was cancelled, as if it would have helped me anyway. But if I plan on doing something, I need to do it.
EECP Is the way you kissed me.
Is the way I held you.
Is the way you held me.
Is the way I still feel for you.
Is how I speak to you.
Is what my heart will always be for you.
Is the way I caress you.
Is the way your hair feels against my skin.
Is your skin.
Is your heart once it catches up with you.
Is how I will live.
Is how I will die.
Is not the world.
Is how the world seems when you are close.
SpinSugar64 Solftly you moved me into this addiction for you
It started with a blood kiss
you bit my lips
I tasted your blood
wine and cigarettes
this soft addiction does not compare to my need for you
queen of darkness the softer your touch,the more it hurts. 040127
Lemon_Soda My preferred form of love making.

Not very much into pain. Grates against my nature...

..but I will put up with it with a smile for certain individuals, but never for more than a moment...
of course blue and red
soft and brutal
Machiavelli70 This adverb as a noun when I look at her face 040304
what's it to you?
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