psyki the day began without a tune, no melody, no birds, the birds and the tulips are friends, how you speak from a crooked mouth and claim to be who you are not, it is so obvious, you are oblivious to the pain of the silent, for you have stomped the tulips.

cracked open for all to see, you sit back and wait for a moment.

when nothing happens, a scream that is not your own shatters your universe of dead flowers.

the vulture of betrayal eats the tulips, and misery like that of the silent is grueling, much too grueling for you to see, unless you mask your eyes with the wings which you will never have.

and flying off, you sing, sing a song for the silent to ease their pain, smashing the hammer down upon the clay jar of the birds, who are the silent.

shards of clay cloud your vision like dust in a hailstorm, a headache encircles your skull and starts to grind itself in.

with still no tune and no melody, the day is about to end, much the same as it was in the beginning, but now with a lot of dead birds.

and dead flowers.
freak flowers are evil and manipulative things..they are out to take over the out for the flowers!!! 030716
Flowers from Safeway MWA HA HA HA HA!!!! 030716
User24 hey, dude, listen, seratonin was great, just wanted to say that. 031006
sans nom yeah i know i've already said it was great too
but since then i've actually been cooking or cleaning and found myself humming the tune which is funny enough to hear trust_me

and i was going past safeway the other day and i thought,...hmm flowers_from_safeway
(of_course i didn't buy any flowers ..but seratonin started playing on my mental_radio
funny, that.
a thimble in time Flowers are the mark of a man who likes to put his foot to the petal. 031022
pipedream i wish i had some. 031022
devalis don't just bloom overnight. in fact, they sleep then. 031023
Flowers from Safeway wow. Thanks for the praise.
I'm glad I could infect your mind
colors20 goodpoint 031031
xyz i feel sorry for the flowers with allergies. 031214
bully I saw flowers today.
Like velvet
they were pretty and purple
and called pansies,
how fitting I thought.
nonsensical get out of my garden

passion vine
texas sage
indigo spires salvia
confederate jasmine
royal cape plumbago
arica palm
pygmy date palm
pink powderpuff
crinum lily
st. christopher's lily
silver dollar eucalyptus
white african iris
katie's charm ruella
variegated shell ginger
florida coontie
ming fern
sword fern
walking iris
chocolate cherries allamanda
awabuki viburnum

is there room in my heart
for you to follow your heart
and not need more blood
from the tip of your star

walking iris
chocolate cherries allamanda
awabuki viburnun
natal plum
black magic ti
mexican bush sage
gumbo limbo
golden shrimp
belize shrimp
weeping sabicu
golden shower tree
golden trumpet tree
bird of paradise
come in
variegated shell ginger
red velvet costus
xanadu philodendron
snow queen hibiscus
bleeding heart
persian sheild
cat's whiskers
royal palm
sweet alyssum
petting bamboo
orange jasmine
clitoria blue pea
downy jasmine

dividing canaan
piece by piece
o let me see
dividing canaan

tori amos
camille I took the time to smell them but they were already dead 041218
andru235 something to remember
as one freezes in december
that as icy january comes
so do june's chrysanthemums
innocent insect where's the coffin? ( cynic ) 050803
B~R he promised me the world
but never flowers
i never got any
never have
how ironic
hsg sometime seem so delicate;
some time walks over them;
as_if they had never_left
beginning to return just_right
FA113N You wanted words, not flowers. I have no words. Will a rose do? 120807
what's it to you?
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