Shar You don't realize what you say when you're saying it.

But what's already been said can make a greater impact than you think.
Brad I mispronounced this word the first time i read it, in the first grade. When learning how to read it just looks weird. It was traumatic... i never mispronounced words and i was a killer reader. It made me sad. Hehe. The things that are important to kids... 000417
daxle she said she'd take me anywhere
she'd take me anywhere
as long as I stayed clean
Pnumonomicroscpoicscillicovolcanokoniosis I once said to myself...

"Why bother, it's only a word."
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mona loves you ... but you said you wanted to, so WHY didnt you? 030223
hpmons People dont understand what they have said. People dont understand what they are saying. People dont understand what they are going to say. 030406
scorpion heart does it really matter what he said?
i analyze it all, but it comes down to not what he said, but rather, what he didnt say.
Eggo I heard it said 040131
sameolme is it all ready sad? all ready? I would have
said it........but its allallallalla said. Somebody said it. allofitallready I'm just one old monkey without a typewriter. a million monkeys prefer words. if you start reading you'll never get to the right word.
sameolme said in time 040215
notme we_three_said 040215
her royal highness the quirk nothing was said, but you waved and i chose to ignore you
you probably didn't see the tears brimming in my eyes, threatening to spill over and give away my secret: i miss you and i'm jealous of whatever she has that drew you away from me to her
you don't even care that i cry
or that i feel
what's it to you?
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