bahia choice is words is choice 011010
whitechocolatewalrus in the past
we were once close
we were inseperable
that was me,
most definitely.
forever is such a long time
i did't think i could be
whatever you wanted
me to be
for all eternity.
what you chose,
what i chose,
is now our history.
the silence as
you pass me by,
the awkwardness.
i_hope you feel
something felt
all our choices
collide with clashes
of mor
the smile on my face
is sincere
if only you could have
enough candor
to return the sentiment.
i miss you
i don't think
jenny enny dots choose the path not chosen 040204
and also if you choose not to decide you still have made a choice. 040204
danny getting here may not be the planned outcome but I chose this by not choosing other things, by what I let slip and by what I grabbed, by what I heard, what I ignored, what I screened out and what pieces of gold i pocketed. I am to blame. I am to thank. I am to let go of the game and begin to play again. there is no knowing. there is a lot of growing still to do. 090226
what's it to you?
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