dallas is only the beginning. 980820
dallas is not a good place for beginners. it's better off as a place for experienced professionals like us. 980820
sage this works pretty well, but i keep breaking it. 980827
emma thing has a mind of its own. I'm talking about the board. or whatever the hell you'd call this thing. It's spun out of control, anyway. 980904
allie is what goes on in the suburbs... 990411
daxle is a good thing to do when you're sick and sick of laying down 990416
BFNH when people mistype shit

that sucks
cheech & chong "Do you know who this is?"

"Who is this is??"
girl ..or that oooh what a decision to make
you can have this and lack that or you can have that and lack this
life can be so polar sometimes
neville this is the final cord
the last way that I can communicate
with the wall.
What am I doing? Have I wasted everything? No. I'm sure.

A house. Yes. A house at the ends of the earth where I can dissect the words and make sense of all this. And you will watch from your nuclear telescope and wonder how the stars are purple are they mourning? Surely not. They have no cause to do so. I am certain.

Maybe they are singing.
stipey in particular this one. belongs to me. is mine. that you can keep, i'm not interested. 000712
Max is exactly what i hate, me. 000718
grendel The Order of Death

Public Image Limited

kenny loggins is it 010117
FALLing into place love is like falling and falling is like this
-Ms. DiFranco
goddess see: like_this 010117
... is strange. is confusing. is empty. is unfulfilling. is not worth it. 010121
Vinny Taplin Everything is anything and anything isnt everything. All that is known comes from a source. All that has been passed is not passed though thin air but through a means of communication. Unknown to me the words that have been spoken about a friggen new years party at Vinny Taplins house. I am Vinny. If you dont believ me call me in two time zones away. I have ears and you who posted it knows what they are looking at. Busted. Why try to tarnish the reputation of one (or two) when you know that is cannot rust. I dont even live there anymore-dont talk sh#@. I know... 010122
vampers this is the day when all my dreams wont come true...its a day like the rest 010328
Dafremen why I wore green underpants today. For just such an occasion as this. 010328
Chrity go to:
kenny loggins is it! 010430
ladybird "so what if heaven doesn't exist
What will we have missed?
This life is the best
We've ever had!" - the divine comedy
Tjousk is the one thing you cannot have? 011107
kenny loggins make no mistake where you are 011212
ClairE is silly 011219
lexian you need this...
and even if you don't,
pretend that you do...
because I need to give it to you.
End Is Forever Is this it? 020106
chock chock chili this is making me sick
this, this this
this THING
this octagonal delight
full of airy representation

this is making me die.
ngrng I wish this moment would never end, I wish this straw would never bend 020206
kenny loggins is it!? 020409
JD This is an interesting word. This can mean that depending on your perspective. Even better, this can simplify or confuse in a single stroke.

EX: "Stroke THIS" means something totally different than "THIS is stroked". . .

Okay, maybe not. But THIS is pretty versatile and ambiguous. So much so that perhaps THIS isn't even something you should be reading.

THIS is bullshit.

Am I talking about 'this' or THIS?

pensais thing is fucked! but amazingly cool and inspirational ... like a new best friend i want to strap on a leach and drag along city sidewalks in a mild form of torture. y'know, my company and the city ... 020731
morphine. let me just have one more sip before we go through with this 021215
monsoon is definately not a hamster. 030126
James Priest This is such an odd website! it must be bloody massive! 030205
erin. what is this
feeling called love?

what is it that i hold in my hand
that i grasp so firmly
that fits closely to my hip

and pulling the darkness down
over my eyes
it is going to become
something to me
that it never has before

is the taste good?
is the smell good?
does it feel good?

and what is it?

what is this that i keep before me?

an object of pleasure?
an object of pain?
something to keep me entertained?
or something that makes me drown
in ennui?

we can ponder all night
until you are satisfied.
cube 'This' is a pointer to an instance of the object of type class. What else would it be?...
Gone I feel so confused in the way that I love everything you know where you're going is so far away from here is where I want to be 030302
u24test001 this is blather. 030304
kenny loggins ... is it 030422
endless desire this i want
but this i shouldnt
this i need
but is this right?
i want to think so far ahead (of this)
to a place where i dont need this thing
to make me who i am.

but no longer can you pull me
out of this mess
bc i am too tied down by the
to survive the

this is me.
Cathexis This is my once upon a time.
This is my happy ending
or my lonely existence.
This is my fairytale.
This is where I decide what happens next,
where I turn the page and speak words to fill the empty paper,
where I am the captain.
This is my life.
And I can choose for myself
which way to go.
Left or right...?
june North or South 040127
skalix THIS THAT OR THE OTHER THING!!!! no idea what to do or who to say! 040129
tarantula ultimately, you do know, i will choose the wrong key and partake in the wrong action. why? because that's me. 040215
knot meat isn't really who i am. none of this is. 040304
himog is a dream within a dream! 040401
hsgatincamail in extremes is a path back to being one.
tangent is a toy.
emmi this is me. take it or leave it 040515
ethereal the pain. 040516
sara is the preciousness of moment which exists in every thing, the art of the specified, the sacred understanding of specificity. 040704
sara is where you're supposed to say you're in love with me 040704
otab isn't real. 040904
not anymore I've loved you through it all
in the mixture of love and patience and pain
and having you in my bloodstream leaves a scar
and when I bleed, it leaves a stain.
So understand that I finally decided to let go of the time we sat on the swing.
And the days when I waited for the phone to ring.
But I'll always remember the smile you gave me in the back room that day
and the night you asked if it was okay.
And even after I'm gone, I want you to know--
You were the one I loved and decided to let go.
raevyn this, is truth
is false
is real
is completely and unbelievably fake
is the only thing
keeping me alive
what's next?
the end?
is this...
the end?
frayedvine is my first blathe. 060801
ashley is my first too 070419
Betrice sabloomingloft 070601
me ist fantastisch 070620
me has my correct e-mail 070620
Hansel has my name written all over it 070814
no reason is not enough 071001
Isaou is never enough 071001
is I told him what I was doing on Tuesdays and Fridays.

"I have a friend who did that" he said, "she ended up killing herself".

"Why did she kill herself?" I asked.

He said no one knew but he suspected it was related to what she had been doing.

I thought that was a bit stupid of him. Stereotyping I thought.

I'm not her I thought.

And I'm not.

But maybe I understand her a little better now. I have the greatest compassion because I think I know why.
gary what is this? 071105
jio jio 100215
. . 100307
see IS FORBIDDEN 160528
what's it to you?
who go