emma hm.

i know many young people of all sexes who are single - and "frustratedly" so. what, they wonder, is so unnattractive about me?

but they also know that there's really nothing so terrible about themselves. they're all nice, funny, intelligent, and of moderate good looks.

so ...

why the bloody hell don't they hook up?
marjorie A piece of cheese
the proper size
for sandwiches
and other foods
valis i am single
eating pringles
jingles on the tv
distract me
back me
into the corner
of another night alone
MollyGoLightly This word is funny. When I am, I'm really not at all. And then I look back on all the sordid and silly outcomes and am a wee bit embarassed. 000527
Brad I am, in the truest sense of the word. It's my fault... painfully shy, i hate to admit. 000527
WoNDERGIRL wondergirl, I'm proud to say, is the farthest possible thing from single that there is 000527
Brad showoff ;) 000527
WoNDERGIRL a taken, completely head-over-heels in love, seventeen-year-old, happy for once showoff that is (c: 000527
Brad I on the other hand am a 19 year old completely single, happy as ever musician. You know, at this point, I really couldnt ask for anything more... I practice 9 hours a day; I have no distractions. :) 000527
yolanda Molly, i can see why you would want flawless beauty, but i'm not sure where embarrassed comes from. i think i might be jealous. 000527
MollyGoLightly If you knew the things I have been embarassed about in the past, you probably wouldn't be jealous at all...:) 000527
Meg It has been some time since I have been. I used to like it a lot as I could do exactly what I wanted and no one could tell me what to do. No one would be there over my shoulder and make disapproving faces at me when I was having a ball!
Then I met him and realised that I did want someone to be bothered about me and look out for me. I can still do exactly what I want and I do not get frowned upon. But I am part of something larger as well. I like that a lot.
silentbob and what i like about you
ya keep me warm at night

and whatever happened to a girlfriend?
the kind of girl ya try to win over
whatever happened to a girlfriend
the kind of girl who makes love cuz she's in it and
i want a girlfriend
i want a girlfriend
i want all the stupid old shit like letters and sodas
i can feel it in my bones
im gonna spend my whole life alone

One. is the lonliest number there could ever be.

this disgusting self satisfying lonliness is the only thing i have. someone please, take a shovel to my face.
Barrett again.
The pillow never hugs you back.
I miss those stories I never wanted to hear.

birdmad solitary 001124
omiz walking down the street
I saw her, she saw me
we smiled at each other
but hey, that's not the way you find the love of your life...
what is the right way then?...
*spoons* me...all alone, probably forever, wrapped up in my own world...just like a piece a cheese 010126
Megan It has occured to me that the single ones are usually the unlucky and the idealistic. I consider myself idealistic, if not completely unlucky. I'm also therefore inexperienced in this thing other girls have mastered that I like to call,"shoving your boobs in a guys face, giggling, and feeling no remorse or shame afterwards." My idealism is holding out for a man who can just imagine me doing those things once I get to know him. But then theres this part of my brain that's going,"You idiot! What is wrong with you? You haven't smoked up enough to use that as an excuse! You are never going to find a guy who wants you for you, not because you shove your boobs in his face."

Ethics are a bitch.

Oh, and don't think I could get a man even if I did shove my boobs in some guys face. For one thing, they're not big enough to beat out some of the sluttier girls, and for another, for some reason guys don't like it when a girl doesn't play dumb. Oh, and then there's the whole me not being 54-26-36... and then there's the whole me not being good looking... although I don't think I'm ugly.....

ok this is getting to be one of two things: narcissistic or long and boring. actually, it's probably both.

please forgive me.
deb single was good
taken was good too
each had its downsides
engaged is awesome,
for me, only once-
i plan to never have to
worry about the dating scene
married will be even better,
mostly because i can actually
SEE him
(he's a state away, sigh.)

but yeah, single was good.
while it lasted.

i don't wanna go back.
Quiggz Megan,
Know one thing. Quite a large amount of the guys in the world are sex obsessed jerks. I'd know, I'm a guy myself. But I think you're a better person for taking the high road and following your own morals. It's hard sometimes (I know that from first hand experience as well), but stick with being yourself. You'll probably feel better about yourself in the end. And ya know what? A few good guys would probably think you're great for not being a boob shover, but they can't read your mind. Hell, why am I talking about this, I've no experience in dating.... ah, whatever. Disreguard my blathering as the ravings of a lonely madman, if you so wish. Rock on, and go get yerself a guy YOUR way.
Megan Thanks, Quiggz. 010127
Quiggz Megan, no prob.
Idealism is hope, and vice versa. If we don't keep them alive, then what's the point in existing?
kx21 Completely single implies Vigin? 010127
Chrity Being single sucks. I wouldn't mind so much if I didn't get hit on all the time by people twice my age - or older. (they only do when I am single, How do they know?) I might just see how long I can stay single, just to spite those old fogies that don't know how to hit on people their own age. :) 010408
Tybay being single is what happens when your s/o gets bored and becomes a drunken slut. 010506
CinnamonGirl I've never had a relationship with commitment for more than a week.... sad I know I just can't, just today I broke up with my bf, it lasted 4 days and I cheated on him. I do have serious relationships it's just without commitment... my love life is sooo weird 010605
Dafremen Girl, remember that thing I said about it not being you? I might have been mistaken. 010605
yummychuckle I am single.
I don't want to be...
But I'm only fourteen.
then again, what does that mean nowadays?
some of my friends are fourteen, also.
there is this completely inccoent one who doesn't know crap and looks like a 4th grader..
then there is another that has had sex with 5 guys, does an assortment of drugs..a been there, done that kinda person.

so how am I supposed to judge what 'only fourteen" is?
it sounds young, and should be innocent.
but isn't.

so anyways i always think what i loser i am for being single. then i think how i am "only fourteen" and i realize that is no excuse.

ugh what a world we live in.
sim Best thing about being single:
Best thing about not being single:
Everything else.
enriquecito after the awkwardness of separation, after the weight hurts and is then lifted, when i am facing the world on my own ... i feel a great energy and outgoingness for the world. a smile that needs a mirror in another face. now if i only had someone to share that with... 010605
florescent light Why would I want to date you,
when I can date him
and have the exact same
*Ziima* one. by its self. alone. free. kraft singles. fat free. cheese. one slice of cheese. single cheese? 010720
sheryl pointless, meaningless
no one fits

reaching out... one is there

break down my door
angie well...i've been single for three years
i could have had 10 boyfriends...if i really wanted to...maybe thats my problem maybe my standards are too high for my own good
its all fuckin because of boy...who has no self
you have a good act
but no..
i am living in my own fantasy world
where i am not inexperienced...
i have honestly created my own reality...where i have had more than two kinda sux...but it is my own fault...
i do it to my fuckin self
if only i wasnt so shallow...
then this all would never be
if only you hadnt ruined everything
shatazap i am happy single
and yet i am still yearning not to be alone.
i am very confused
sphinxradio it takes some strength to pull it off gracefully. i don't know that i've yet mastered that art, or if i ever will. there are those of us who feel weakened without someone to always turn to.
i guess, as far as that goes, there are some who are weakened by their someones. and that's when it starts to get tricky.
- . 020803
isabella i think therefore i am single 030514
blooga what I will be for the rest of my life. 031116
bryn I burn for someone to hold, to be my own, but at the same time, being single is good. I'm very busy right now, so having a s/o would be a problem, 'cause I couldn't give them any attention ( I'm writing on borrowed time here) but also, I;m just plain scared of a serious relationship. I don't want to get burned like so many of my friends, yet I know I'll have to jump in the fire sometime. It presents a conumdrum. 040329
stray this is the first time i've bene single in about a year and i want to stay this way for a while. i've always had someone to cuddle with or kiss or hug, or fret about, or worry about, or think about. for now i don't. i want to remember what thats like, so i think i'll refrain from finding a girl for a while. 050207
Alvarny Sometimes, I just want to be left alone, to be away from everything familiar, far from everyone I know.... just to start out anew, as a stranger in a strange land.

The closer you are to someone, the less you can bear your thoughts. Only as an anonymity among other anonymities, can I truly be me...
take it as it is but what if just the people who surround you get the best out of you and make you the one you always wanted to be? 051117
silentbob i'm single again , and setting up a kissing booth. any takers? 060515
misstree i'd kiss you, but i'm afraid we'd both be giggling too much to do it proper. 060515
Doar oh misstree, stop teasing the kid. 060515
Emptyness Alive single again. drove her away. she cheated on my three times but i wouldnt let her go i loved her. still do. but i wouldnt let go of what she did either. asked to marry me. a secret engagment. she said yes. no look at me alone again. always alone. 060516
miz tree i'm not teasing him. i count bobby among the skites most likely to simply look at me and giggle, appropriate or not, blowing whatever airs i had managed to gather. stork is way up there too, though he'd more chuckle than giggle.

i think, though, that i could genuinely kiss each and every skite, in affection and appreciation. i'd rather lick you, but take what you can get.
Doar a lick with attitude. and I always take what I can't get.

Emptyness_alive again
lonely? yeah but not so much
i wish i could be with someone buit right now all i wanna do is run
REAListic optimIST as my grandmother rightly pointed out, i've been single all my life since i've never been married. however, this is the first time i've had a girlfriend in over 5 years. it's hard to believe it's been that long. certainly there have been suitors, but there were legitimate reasons to say no to each one. certainly i've chased a few skirts, but didn't land one during that time. mostly, it's because my mind must be wooed to set the mood, and most girls expect premature e-copulation then get disappointed when it's not attempted. i just take a while to drink a girl in before i know if i'm ready because i tend to open up and fall hard. if i don't choose_wisely, then i wind up on my face. the last two girls i dated ran the instant they felt the depth of my caring. such is the fate of one so sincere and passionate. this one is different, however. she admitted depth first, and hasn't run but has reciprocated in the face of difficult honesty. i don't know where this is going, but i plan to be as open and full as always, and give it every chance to be ready for that. 071124
no reason when did this word become so lonely? 071124
tracee I_miss_him

But I'm having a really great time juggling 5 lovers.
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