Q when you blathe, you can do anything you want to. that possibility by itself is enough to entice to the point of addiction.

so "existance" is okay when you're blathing. certainly better than the alternative.

but the "correct" spelling of
"existance" is "existence", at least if the meaning you want to convey is
"the state of existing".

this misspelling, if it be, seems to be the most common on blather.

yet it matters really only in freshperson english class, even though some history and botany profs and chemistry ta's will take points off for it. right?

law profs. are too lazy to do that, which explains why lawyers are generally messed up, don't really know write from wrong. so, okay, it matters in the legal system too.

good thing jefferson and madison left no misspellings in the Declaration of Independance - ooops, you got that, right? lol - and the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

it's good we in the usa have a Constitutional right to miss pell and mister right.

brits apparently need permission from the queen or the prince of wales to do anything like that. how would you like to need to have your selection of lovers, or any other proclivity, approved by a middle-aged guy who once wished he were a tampon?
Q yeah, that's also Copr. 2000

for you history buffs - or is that buff historians? - oh, hell, for both of you regardless of which way you point - i do it only because jefferson is the father of the us copyright protection system.

now i'm going back to recrystallization.
amy we are doing just that, and there's no point in denying it. 000130
camille what i'm doing right now 000309
grendel i have known people
who could give Descartes fits for the fact that they do not just flicker out of reality

there have been moments
where i could have been one of those people
Zeroshin where do you go?
there isn't a handbook, map or Idiot's Guide to help you.
So where do we go?
Off the cliff and into the sea
like lemmings unknowingly,
but we fashion the moment
and embrace the recklessness.
is there a way to fall off?
or will i look at someone else and copy?
Chrity go to:
me I like to be naked. Alone or in front of others. I just like to be naked 040409
g.girl the more i know, the less i know. which scares me and excites me all at once. ever feel like you are a contradiction in and of yourself? 050122
globalfruitbat I ussed to have a real problem wrapping my head around the reality of, well, reality. I'd start thinking about "who is this little voice behind my eyes?" "If it's true that cogito ergo sum proves i am, who is the one that can figure that out to be there anyway?" and on and on and on I'd go, until I had to go read a celebrity magazine or eat cookies until I felt real again.
But I've been wrapped up in reality quite tightly for a while now...and it feels safe.
Syrope ^^?^^ ha! wished he were a tampon

i read about that the other day. i laughed outloud on the bus
what's it to you?
who go