yoink do you own their souls?
how can you ruin a life so quickly and effortlessly?
damned spray, it ended up in my fucking cornea

that's not heart
Toxic_Kisses The Queen of England is now dead
To me it was kind of a shock, like some how I just thought she would always exist, in fact I never really questioned it so the fact that she doesn’t exist any more any more, I'm simply having a hard time fathoming it.
birdmad (lonely on a limb) The Queen Mother, not the Queen herself (subtle difference)

pass the pub that wrecks your body and the church - all they want is your money
sweetheart of the song tra bong Bohemian Rhapsody. 020402
tricky she's a killer queen
gunfire and gelatine
dynamite with a laserbeam
guaranteed to blow your mind
stacey i want you to blow my mind tricky! (hehe) no im not a freak i know who tricky is 020524
brett tory scum, blatantly partisan. unaccountable, granting of the 'royal perogative'. enemy. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation.php?id=473567 020703
god freak me out, frank 020818
Frank_Zapper Freak me out!
(I swear he came to every show for a month)
Strideo King
emmi 'and all my life i've always known
that you were there upon your throne
a lonely queen without her king
i longed for you my love forever...

all of my life
where have you been
i wonder if i'll ever see you again
and if that day comes
i know we could win
i wonder if i'll ever see you again'

my anthem for romance
c z 040923
kait i want to ride my bicycle... i want to ride my bike... i want to ride my bicycle... i want to ride it where i like...

i love this song. alot.
illusionary_reality queen of spades.
now, and forever.
somenom "off with her head" 050521
jio jio 100215
djstar For all of you:
"My goddess hear my darkest fear
I speak too late
It's for evermore that I wait
Dear friends goodbye
No tears in my eyes
So sad it ends as it began" - Queen
what's it to you?
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