me? n this is z end.
what a number.
twice 13 but half of 52.
somewhere between 23 and 27.
lost on its own.
between boredom and chaos.
lauren it lacerates
through the calm of smooth consonants
zipping about
and smelling of something hungarian
lost in between the c and h
it waits to pounce on the next
unsuspecting s -
stomp on its eloquence and replace it
gloria The British need to come to terms with the z. Their half ass s's just don't cut it. Stop wossing out and embrace the z, or else the world will continue to think you are a culture of fucking pansies! 000219
Mazzadahr The one that is left when the others have been pronounced,
the one behind and the one to go.
The complex, and yet so simple.
The one that seldom is real.
medea lots of people call me z. and with my sisters bee and tree we make three. 000810
vix Your so zany zoolu 000810
vortex In a world of your own
Shades of purple through trees
Shifting in and out of focus
Sirens sliding
Someone is waving
But they are lost in the swarm
Can't escape the noise
Soft and disturbing
Released from your mind
Denna Z for Zacariah...

...such a good book...
MollyCule Z

He lives
zulu I'd like to know where zulu is...it's a tribe in africa, another name for Universal Time, the name for Z in army talk, my stuffed zebra, and a blink 182 song.

yep, and a lot more too
phil omega 020728
zed zed 020728
radioactive talking parrot z for zach..where the hell r u zach? 020729
phil z plane boss z plane 020729
zed 021015
Zed There are two Zed's on here.

I must confess, I was second to arrive, and I apologise for using the others name,
but he cannot have it just for himself.
Maybe we can have it on alternate days?
jane sometimes i feel like my life is on a z

like i go forward, constant

and suddenly am plunged down, backwards, reverse, negative

soon to settle out again
Elmo Finality.
Breath, choking in lungs, rattling.
The last puff of stinking air, diffusing through the atmostphere.
The last vestiges of life, mingling with existence,
Becoming one.
Dust to dust...
andru235 ah, despair not, for herein lies the key

i give you this magic word:

]]]]]]] ZA [[[[[[[
mon uow i first think zeke now
when i hear/see the letter z.

before, it always used to be zebra.
mon uow and on another note,
i've always been torn
between zee and zed.

i like zed, but i like zee.

i'm more prone to say zee,
but then i correct myself
and go no it's zed yeah
mon uow maybe it's a reflection
of my mixed canadian and us'n heritage.
() () 050307
the awful truth that book, "Z for Zachariah"
it was awful.
read "white noise."
spoon ! y z(ee) symbol ?
you either play ping pong wiv me or i go mad on my own, do you want to be in my gang or not ?

"you're as mad as i am"

yes, i will be alright, because what is normal at the end of the day ?
. while i personally think the single letters ought be open for all to use, i've enough respect to not hijack someone's name for my own petty purposes. poo on you, spoon. (things_that_never_go_out_of_style: i really doubt "z" blathed "spoon") 071019
dear mr_song: 071020
() (z) z zeke when i blathed "spoon on things_that_never_go_out_of_style i was refering to the band. sorry for the confusion, but that was me, using my own alias. 071022
z but the "spoon !" alias is not mine, nor is the above blathe under it. 071022
minnesota_chris an important part of the word "realize" 071022
hee hee use your own silly spoon whilst my trousers get checked for rape sperm, it's ok though, i only got lost in the rain, had no money so tried to land myself a job claering glasses away in a pub, i worked for an hour and a half but they refused to pay me, they kicked me out in the rain again, i wasn't harmed but i needed shelter so i found an abandoned car, no problem, at least i still know my name :) 071022
dosquatch slowly, slowly, unwords resurface like whales in the ocean for their breath of air, to again sink into the deep blue depths, only now carefully tagged - a beacon to lead them inevitably home, if they so choose, to the spark in the primordial soup that brought them into being... "see," says z, "unslap" 091228
() () 091228
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