Tess exactly. fire tess.

and i was just wondering if i could blather for a living...
mikey yay got the job i wanted i start tomorrow WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE no more stress and nervousness WEEEEEE 010315
nocturnal congratulations, mikey. I told you you'd be perfect. and I'm always right. hehe 010315
Dafremen Depressing to think that sometime in the future you'll either lose it or quit it huh? 010315
mikey yeah most likely. except this company pays for tuition. job related based on grades make A's they pay full tuition.

even if its not job related if you make A's they pay 50%.

yes im happy considering im going for MCSE, A+ and possibly Cisco cert. i may just do Cisco certification not sure yet. but this job just opened up a big can o possibilities.
mpayton To increase shareholder value 010404
Chrity go to:
Dafremen Most jobs seem great at first and quickly erode into CRAP jobs within the first year or so.

Unemployment still has its charm, and OHHHH what a babe magnet an unemployment check is.
j so i have this job in a department that could be totally streamlined, yet if it were, the department staff would shrink by 50% at least, putting people out of jobs

so there is a conspiracy, to make sure that the department continues to seem efficient, but in fact continues to retain its inefficiency

it kind of makes me sick

just thinking about it is sad, but am i a stickler for caring so much about waisted effort? waisted energy?

bullshit takes from my faith in common sense and the american way...

i know, i would like to say i dont have any faith, but i discovered a little in my a.p. u.s. history class in h.s. (it wasnt easy)

j_blue that was me just now 010514
birdmad office_space 010514
Dafremen inefficiency and "created" jobs ARE the American way. Have been for years.

When you break a window, you make jobs, go figure.
ladybird that'll do it 010515
nocturnal I got a fucking job. well, daddy got me the fucking job as always. makes ya feel so independent when daddy comes home and says he got you a job. I start on tuesday. jesus tapdancing christ am I dreading it. I hate being awake in the am hours. 010526
god some character in the bible that a bunch of bad shit happened to. 010615
Mushroomman i want a better one..flexible hours
higher pay
low stress
no having to deal with customers

Hey there, Welcome to the bottom of the corprate foodchain... please, have a seat, don't worry, you will get fucked over, steped on, and taken advantage of

by the way, favoritism is one of our company polices, and when it comes to benifits, well, you will be last in line for them.
Mushroomman i think ther should be a universal retail workers union, and then, all of us should Strike, and watch them crumble. die die die you rich fuckers! 010818
silentbob i decided today i wanted to be a cartoon voice so i looked on the internet and it said you had to take all these acting classes and submit a professional demo and pay all this money so i got tired and looked at porn instead. 021104
minnesota_chris I am now a chocolatier! I worked my first hours today, I work about 12 hours per week.

The chocolates cost over $3 a piece! And they sent me home with a box full tonight.
scottobear All employees are subject to a 90-day probationary period. If the employee receives a performance appraisal of Satisfactory or better at the end of the probationary period, their salary will be increased. The new hire will be trained to work on the Mainframe applications for two thirds of their time. The other third of the time the work will be performed on Visual Basic and Web based applications. 030326
no reason i had a dream that i had an interview and got a job

just like that

but then i woke up and i'm still here. dammit.
silentbob MCI stands for

m.ost evil
i.n the world
trixie can't get hired... filled out the 45 minute blockbuster application... 45 minutes ill never get back. 030617
no reason it's now a reality

god jobs are for slobs 030620
no reason no more employment at the restaurant as of 530 today. i worked there a whole 4 times.

"it's not you, you're a great person, we just hired too many people." riiiiiiight...

i'd feel more comforted and less apt to take it personally if i knew of at least one other person who got laid off. like the 17-year-old who got hired at the same time...

blarg. i was probably going to quit anyway, and i didn't really like it there, which i'm sure reflected in the way i worked. but still...

it doesn't exactly heighten the self-esteem.
pete I finally understand the Christian interpretation of Job. All I have to do is forget about the prologue and epilogue and it all makes sense. At last, and they got so defensive when I was trying to figure out how they came to their conclusions! My cyncisim doesn't let me accept it. To me Yahweh is still acting the wily politician... 040324
shower singer I got the job!
I got the job!

I can finally quit the old one.

And this is a propper real persons job in the city, propper hours, interesting work.
Oh its just so good when things work out right.
imaskitzo I've contemplated unspeakable things to make money instead of doing this boring, thankless job 041031
flowerbed on a cloud ├╝ career for this lifetime...^^

do I rawk already?
no reason i am applying for what is pretty much my dream job, that i am nowhere near qualified for. yay! 080103
pete good luck!!

i was offered by a twice-past boss my old job back, not that i asked for it or need it. i said 'maybe' because i enjoy being stupidly busy. or something like that.
no reason i never got it
and again there's nothing open that fits
people in my program are getting jobs left and right, except me
i'm tired of not hearing back and getting discouraged
tessa blaaaaaaarrrgghhhhhhh

i can't stand doing this any more
i can feel my insides shriveling up
that tiny little room with paper thin walls is making me feel nauseous
all those people who fill the cubicles have been sapped of all personality, all interest, all humanity

it's a horrible job in a horrible city
no amount of money is worth this kind of sacrifice
falling_alone i finally got out of the pharmacy and am going to an interview to intern at a company that does custom fabrication and set construction for theater.

it only pays $8 and most of that will go towards gas while driving into jersey 45minutes away...
but! i'm excited.
minnesota_chris now at the tender age of 39 and a half, I'm answering the phones for a living. I worry that I won't get any better job. 091011
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