typhoid there you all go again, being so beautiful and witty, and here i am kicking clods of dirt at my sanity, trying once again to disconnect myself from 'society' (yup, tried that game, way easy to win if you allow yourself change as a virtue).
the only thing is, now, that im having a hard way finding my way back. just as i expected. i know where to go looking, though ;)
mika You looked at me and suddenly i couldn't breath
My world seemed to shatter into tiny shards of multi-colored glass.
I could see all the images of me..drifting in the wind
Yet, i was so lost in your eyes, i must have lost something
cause now all my poetry is sappy
and every time i think of the way you looked at me
i melt into a little puddle of very happy me
grendel both ways before crossing the street, didn't make any difference.

and once again Desire has waffled me and made me its hood ornament
Johannes I looked in the mirror to see the silhouette of myself, staring in the mirror at myself. Without hesitation I brushed my exposed bones. I then flossed. That is all 040302
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